GMR Data Forecast That the Global SMBG Market Will Reach $11.2bn Across 2015

"The Global Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose Market to 2025" is GMR Data’s latest pharma report, covering the pharmaceutical, commercial and strategic developments in the global Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose (SMBG) market. The report highlights key companies, geographies and products that they believe will deliver strong growth across the next decade.

Dublin, Ireland, January 17, 2015 --( SMBG is now globally recognised as an integral part of intensive therapy for diabetes; SMBG provides increasingly accurate blood glucose readings which offers significant benefits to diabetics and ultimately, financially, their healthcare providers.

The SMBG market is primarily driven by the growing global diabetic population; a lack of a cure for diabetes; increasing health education among the diabetic population, active reimbursement policies of insurers; the technological advancement aimed at minimal and non-invasive blood glucose testing methods, alongside the availability of blood glucose meters at a nominal cost.

The market for SMBG products has a future simply because of the growing incidence and prevalence of diabetes, increasing spending on healthcare and growing awareness and its implications. However, key challenges remain such as data accuracy, affordability and reimbursement which need to be addressed by the manufacturers, insurance companies and national health authorities.

‘The Global Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose Market to 2025’ report includes over 200 tables, charts and graphs quantifying and forecasting the market in detail. In addition, the report offers 9 profiles of the leading companies in the global SMBG market, alongside 4 expert interviewees offering key insights into the state of the market currently and in the future;

· A Leading Diabetes Care MNC
· MediWiSe
· Carewell Biotech
· Integrity Applications

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