Industrial Leader for Industrial Infrared Heating Products Anderson Thermal Devices Now Offering Therma-Tech Products

Hawthorne, NJ-based infrared heating product manufacturer and supplier, Anderson Thermal Devices has entered into an agreement to manufacture and supply Therma-Tech products.

Hawthorne, NJ, January 18, 2015 --( Included within the company’s selection is Therma-Tech’s Minipanels, which are designed to offer a 21% energy savings over ceramic heating products. It’s an exciting new addition to the product line of a company also specializing in high quality industrial infrared lamps, quartz tube emitters and many other high performance products.

Moving into 2015, companies in the process heating marketplace continue to review their line applications to locate cost savings. Energy efficiency continues to be an area for cost-reduction targets. And the latest infrared heating panels available from Anderson Thermal Devices set the highest of marketplace standards. The company’s selection now includes the high-efficiency Minipanels from trusted manufacturers Therma-Tech.

The Minipanels from Therma-Tech are the leading choice of replacement for expensive and inefficient ceramic heating products. Therma-Tech Minipanels utilize a unique flat element design, which converts 90% of energy input to infrared energy. One of the leading operational advantages of the Minipanels is their flexibility. They can be utilized to create a heating system configuration of any size or shape. This means they’re even suitable for smaller manufacturing plants with limited line space. Another key advantage the Minipanels bring to the process heating marketplace is that they’re exceptionally durable. Each panel is resistant to water splash, thermal shock and chemical attack and requires only a lightweight support for high level performance.

Also included within the Anderson Thermal selection of Therma-Tech products is the company’s CH-40 & VH-40 high intensity heaters, which are designed to reduce product drying times significantly. The CH-40 & VH-40 systems are uniquely engineered for use within areas of restricted space and offer industry-leading levels of heat transfer.

The Anderson Thermal Devices team is now available to review your company’s application requirements and provide a solution that meets all design parameters. To learn more about the company’s products, which include industrial infrared lamps, panel heaters and much more, contact their offices directly or visit their business website at
Anderson Thermal Devices Inc.
John McKechnie