Back to Basics: How Ferris Rezvani's Beast™ Supercar Revives the Art of Pure Driving

The story behind the development of the Rezvani Beast supercar by founder Ferris Rezvani, CEO of Rezvani Motors. The Rezvani Beast supercar will be hitting the streets in 2015.

Santa Ana, CA, January 19, 2015 --( Ferris Rezvani, CEO of Rezvani Motors describes his vision that let do the Rezvani Beast™ supercar: “How can we build the best sports car imaginable? What makes driving a sport? Is it the feeling of involvement? Is it being at one with the car? Does it unleash the Beast within?" said Mr. Rezvani

During development of the Rezvani Beast supercar, the Rezvani team wrote down all the reasons enthusiasts love cars and what elements made driving fun. Each one of these entirely drove what this car would be. Light weight, limitless power, direct driver feedback, no electronic interference and… an open top. A car designed for all 5 human sense. "It had to unleash the Beast within," said Mr. Rezvani

As a result the body of the Rezvani Beast is made entirely of ultra light carbon fiber; it’s chassis is light and strong carbon steel, even the steering wheel and shift knob are all carbon fiber to reduce turning mass during the quickest steering and shifting maneuvers.

When Beast™ was in the earliest stages of development one of the main things decided upon was the use of a manual gearbox only.

With 500 horsepower and an open top, it seemed only natural for the Rezvani Motors team to fit Beast with a manual gearbox. That way drivers can really be involved and connect with the car on a more personal level. Manual gearboxes are lighter, cause less friction and more power delivery. But our goal was to return to driving in its purest form — a manual gearbox, rear-wheel drive, and an open top.

Following Ferris Rezvani's Vision, the third way they were able to achieve a “pure” sense of driving was to limit as much electronic interference as possible. There are not thousand lines of code to make decisions for you. The driver, is involved.

Open Top
The RAD team asked "Is there a better way to experience 500 horsepower than barreling down a mountain road with the wind in your face?" As a result Beast™ was made to be an open top car - only.

Beast is made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Unleash the Beast within.
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