Evanston Police Station’s HVAC Revived by F.E. Moran

F.E. Moran in Northbrook, IL is proud to have provided an upgraded HVAC system for Evanston, IL's Police Department.

Northbrook, IL, January 22, 2015 --(PR.com)-- F.E. Moran is proud to have been chosen to update the Evanston Police Department’s HVAC system on Elmwood St. in Evanston, IL. With the update of the HVAC system, F.E. Moran was also able to make the Evanston Police Department’s HVAC system more efficient. This may contribute to Evanston, IL’s sustainability initiative.

In 2007, the Office of Sustainability in the City of Evanston was established to help reach the goal of environmental sustainability. Through this office, they were able to be one of the first 4-STAR (Sustainability Tools for Assessing and Rating) cities in America.

The Evanston Police Department chose F.E. Moran to replace the air handling unit in the penthouse and isolation valves. In making these changes, F.E. Moran was able to provide a more energy efficient HVAC system which will have a smaller environmental impact and cost less in utilities, saving tax payer money.

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F.E. Moran
Sarah Block