Premium Quality Nylon Guitar Strap Released by Gig Tools, a Division of Select Pro

Gig Tools, a division of Select Pro continues to offer premium products and accessories for musicians with this latest release.

Sarasota, FL, January 22, 2015 --( A Premium Quality Guitar Strap That Won't Let You Down

A guitar strap is like a sound tech: have a good one and you'll never even know it's there, but have a bad one and you'll never live it down. The Gig Tools nylon guitar strap is suitable for acoustic and electric guitars as well as basses and they're guaranteed to bring reliability, comfort, and style to the table.

They are available in a wide variety of colors to match any color of stage costume and instrument - or a discreet, classy black if you prefer - and can be adjusted from 33 to 57 inches, matching up to any size of player.

The superior leather ends are tough, secure, and durable, a must to protect your valuable instrument, and the strap as a whole is made of flexible and dependable nylon. This makes the strap easy to clean as well as tough and durable for continued use - a win-win situation when gear must both look good and function well on a continual basis.

Perfect if you're just getting started or you're using it nightly on the road, these straps get the job done for a surprisingly low price. They're also an excellent gift for any musician in your life (one can never have too many useful utilities, and a strap is an excellent choice!) and a handy boon if you're the player you have in mind.

It's easy to forget but important to recognize: a strap is one of those basic foundation elements of performing, something that forms the literal connection between you and your instrument, and that connection should be as tight and worry-free as possible.

Back issues are a real problem when it comes to playing heavy instruments for long periods of time; this strap works to help decrease the worry of any strain or injury, allowing the player to adjust it to their comfort level and leave it there. It's also perfect for younger players just starting out, helping welcome them to the world of non-seated playing as a primary or backup strap.

Additionally, it's a great tool even if you're not a guitar player: this strap will work just fine with smaller stringed instruments such as ukuleles as well. Flexibility in purpose and in the product itself is very important, and it's in Gig Tools' best interest to make as versatile and useful a piece of equipment as possible - something you can use to switch between your various instruments with ease and comfort, and which can function well for every string player in your group.

Sturdy, solid, dependable, and confident in its style, this guitar strap is a piece of equipment that a player will never have to worry about, brought to you by Gig Tools, a company that knows and respects what musicians do.

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