Instart Logic Gains Significant Momentum in 2014

In a review of a successful 2014, Instart Logic announced 5X sales growth with more than 400 high-volume websites running on its SDAD service, and increased the size of its global network to a total of 35 locations on six continents. Internet Retailer top 100 Companies adopt Industry-first Software-Defined Application Delivery Platform, making CDNs obsolete. Know more:

Palo Alto, CA, May 15, 2015 --( Internet Retailer Top 100 Companies Adopt Industry-First Software-Defined Application Delivery Platform, Making CDNs Obsolete

Instart Logic, the Cloud Application Delivery Service for performance-obsessed organizations, reviewed a successful 2014, underpinned by its disruptive Software-Defined Application Delivery (SDAD) technology, and demonstrated by substantial customer growth, momentum and industry recognition. The company today announced 5x sales growth in 2014 with more than 400 high-volume websites running on its SDAD service, and increased the size of its global network to a total of 35 locations on six continents. During this time, Instart Logic also doubled its employee headcount. Today, more than 50 percent of Instart Logic's customers are traditional Akamai accounts that are adopting SDAD to accelerate Web performance and enhance customer engagement. Top e-commerce, media and SaaS companies on its roster include Nasty Gal, Bare Necessities, Shutterstock, The Washington Post and Evite.

With customers realizing immediate performance benefits of SDAD, Instart Logic is driving a paradigm shift in the long-stagnant application delivery industry. Today, the company also released findings from leading global advisory firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) that shows that for the top 30 e-commerce websites based on the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index, SDAD delivers a 75 percent overall reduction in mobile website load times as compared to traditional content delivery networks (CDNs). See related press release for more details.

"We look at every aspect of our website's usability, including responsive design, in order to deliver the best experience to our customers. Instart Logic caught our attention with their unique state-of-the-art approach to accelerating application delivery," said Perry Evoniuk, CTO at Evite. "As promised, they delivered compelling performance increases immediately with time to First Byte decreasing by 70 percent. This in addition to the ease and speed of transition from our existing CDN, made the decision to switch very simple. We are excited to be partnering with Instart Logic to continue to enhance our Web and mobile customer experience."

Key Company Highlights for 2014

Pioneered and delivered the world's first Software-Defined Application Delivery platform (SDAD) with key product innovations, including the introduction of a new Security Suite. See additional details later in release.

Recognized by Glassdoor as No. 6 "Best Places to Work" on the SMB list.

Raised $26 million in latest Series C round led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, bringing total funding to date to $52 million.

Strengthened executive team with the addition of former Cisco leader David Hsieh as vice president of marketing. Also, Dan Boneh, a cybersecurity expert and Stanford University computer science professor, joined Instart Logic's advisory board.

Offered a "RIP Akamai" program enabling eligible Akamai customers to convert to Instart Logic, by funding the buyout of their existing Akamai contracts.

Disruptive SDAD Technology Catalyzes Industry Shift
According to a recent Forrester Research, Inc. report, "The rise of mobile web access has upset another previously well understood technology paradigm. Traditional web delivery relied on a stationary user with a fast, fixed, and reliable connection. Infrastructure and latency challenges were mitigated with content delivery networks (CDNs). Today, delivery on mobile is different for a long list of reasons. Failing to accommodate this difference literally stresses out customers. Additionally, websites are increasingly complex, and addressing delivery with a traditional bolt-on approach no longer suffices for AD&D pros."

Traditional CDNs are unable to solve this mobile performance challenge. Instart Logic's Software-Defined Application Delivery technology is built from the ground up on this premise and enables companies to deliver faster, more reliable Web performance, greatly improving the user experience and meeting their "need for speed" on any device.

As part of this effort, Instart Logic has filed close to 40 patents to date and authored several papers (see recent ACM paper), contributing learned technological insights back to the research community. A key focus area for the company is cloud/client architecture. Read related blog post on importance of cloud/client computing in 2015.

In 2014, the company introduced a number of industry-first innovations that take advantage of the SDAD platform and also announced the availability of a new Security Suite that provides customers with multi-layered protection against DDoS attacks and other cybersecurity threats. The security offering includes a new ProxyWall service that provides advanced Web application firewall and origin protection capabilities.

New performance features announced this past year include:

Image Streaming with SmartVision
Image Transcoding with SmartVision
Image Resize

Industry Accolades & Recognition
Instart Logic garnered several industry accolades in 2014.

Gartner "Cool Vendors"
Internet Retailer's "Vendor to the Top 500 E-Retailers"
AlwaysOn's "Global 250" and AlwaysOn's "Top 100" award winner
Lead411's "Hottest Silicon Valley Company"
Montclare SaaS 250 - ranked No. 58 amongst the most influential SaaS companies

"With SDAD, we are helping companies push past the limits of traditional CDNs and setting new benchmarks in Web performance," said Manav Mital, CEO, Instart Logic. "I'm pleased with Instart Logic's momentum in 2014 and look forward to continuing to take share from Akamai in 2015, as we enable customers to reap the benefits of our new de-facto standard in software-defined application delivery."
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