Startup Aims to Speed Up and Simplify Intelligent Lead Distribution

Lead Assign is a new Toronto based web startup that believes existing lead distribution software is too expensive and too complicated, and above all does not ensure the right lead is assigned to the right agent in a timely manner. They aim to solve this issue with their new web application, 

Thornbury, Canada, January 25, 2015 --( The company was formed when a broker in the Toronto area approached the team with a problem - leads were taking 1 to 36 hours to get a response back to the customer, while the broker had research showing that responding within the first 5 minutes after a customer submits a lead is crucial. After some planning the company was started in late 2014. The three co - founders list themselves as a real estate exec, a software developer and a design expert.

“There are many software suites out there that promise to capture all of your sales leads, and provide you with in-depth reporting. But they all seem to fall short when it comes to the intelligent assignment of leads,” says co-founder, James Palmer.

“Lead Assign is different. We take all your incoming lead sources and distribute them based on rules you define. Then we allow you to import all that data into your existing CRM, or view reports from our dashboard if you prefer to use it as a standalone solution.”

Other suites often fail because agents are required to adopt a software program. This is not only a costly model, but failure prone due in part to the fact that real estate agents are not employees, and brokers cannot force them to change their behaviour by adopting new systems.

Lead Assign, on the other hand, distributes leads via text message and email. Agents only need to own a cell phone to take part. The agent side of the system runs from the message center on their cell phone, and requires no software install at all which makes training a snap.

It’s currently free to sign up for an account, but will likely cost about $200 a month for a brokerage with 100 or so agents. This aggressive pricing is sure to turn some ears at existing service providers that charge about $3000 per month or more for 100 agents, but also providing a a more feature rich environment. “Simplicity is a feature, which in our case also saves you money,” responds James. is the web site of the 5 person company, located near Toronto Canada.
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