New Physics Journal - "The Journal of Astrophysical Mechanics" to Publish Research Papers on the Flow Theory of Matter and Gravity

Trinity, FL, January 25, 2015 --( "The Journal of Astrophysical Mechanics," published by Dimiter Bayramov, will provide one stop access to theoretical and applied physics articles covering new research in the Flow Theory of Matter and Gravity.

While there are numerous physical sciences journals in publication, many journals are focused solely on applied physics or publish articles limited to select 20th century physical theoretical models. Articles in the Journal of Astrophysical Mechanics will focus on projects, experiments and research, which investigate and demonstrate the validity of the Flow Theory of Matter and Gravity.

The Flow Theory of Matter and Gravity carries on the ideas of some of the brightest thinkers in history who saw gravity and matter to be founded in the dynamics of a universal medium. Sir Isaac Newton, Bernhard Riemann and Ivan Yarkovsky theorized that gravity is founded in mechanical ether streams. While J.J. Thompson considered the atom to consist of “immaterial vortices,” before developing the idea of the electron and the original “plum pudding” electron model of the atom.

Call for papers: The Journal of Astrophysical Mechanics invites papers, adhering to the physical fundamentals outlined on the journal website - and in the first journal issue article - “Introduction to the Flow Theory of Matter and Gravity.”

Interested readers can find the new journal issues – at the journal web site - and on Amazon.
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