New Paper Describes How the Stars Use Gravity to Filter Thermal Energy and Create Matter

Trinity, FL, January 25, 2015 --( “Quantum Energy and Matter Creation” published in the Journal of Astrophysical Mechanics by Dimiter Bayramov, makes a novel interpretation of Planck’s constant and describes how the stars use gravity to filter thermal energy and create matter.

In 20th century theoretical physics gravity is a fictional force and a static architectural element, which holds the solar system and the Universe together, and curves “the space-time continuum.”

“Quantum Energy and Matter Creation” describes the purpose of gravity as the stars’ utility to extract thermal energy from the universal fundamental medium. Gravity is a dynamic flow with a concrete purpose – it provides energy to the stars and helps create the stars’ material body.

In 20th century theoretical physics matter is created billions of years ago in a Big-Bang event. This new paper shows that the celestial stars continuously create fundamental matter frameworks, which develop over millions of years into the layered energy matter constructs we find on Earth’s surface.

The paper also discusses the purpose of material energy radiation (radioactive decay) as energy supplement for smaller stars, like Earth, and the evolution of the stellar life forms from small planet-stars, into luminous stars, x-ray stars, and eventually into black-hole stars.

“Quantum Energy and Matter Creation” lays down the foundation for understanding the cyclical dynamics in the astrophysical Universe.

Call for papers: The Journal of Astrophysical Mechanics invites papers, adhering to the physical fundamentals outlined on the journal website - and in in the first journal issue article - “Introduction to the Flow Theory of Matter and Gravity.”

Interested readers can find the new journal issues – at the journal web site - and on Amazon.
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