Celebration of America Recycles Day on November 15

Organizations needing to raise money and who wish to positively impact the environment can now participate in a “Green Fundraising Campaign.”

Boise, ID, November 14, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Recycling is the focus this week throughout the country as residents, schools, businesses, municipalities and other organizations celebrate America Recycles Day, officially recognized on November 15th. With Americans consuming over 426,000 cell phones and 1,370,000 ink cartridges every day, Project KOPEG “Keep Our Planet Earth Green”, offers non-profits, churches, schools, youth groups, businesses or virtually any organization wanting to raise extra funds, a program that incorporates a win/win solution of recycling and protecting the environment. One cell phone alone, improperly disposed of in a landfill can potentially contaminate 158,000 gallons of ground water, which is the equivalent to 2.4 million cups of coffee or tea.

Project KOPEG accepts used cell phones, batteries & chargers, inkjet/toner cartridges, Mp3 players, iPods, Digital Cameras, Pocket PC’s, Handhelds, Palm Pilots and PDA’s. “With the growing concern over the environmental impact of electronic waste, we believe we are doing the right thing in offering individuals and businesses the opportunity to recycle these items and support their community at the same time” states Mary Bradley, a fundraiser consultant with Project KOPEG. “We have a commitment to education and the environment. Every piece of our literature carries the message of the harmful effects of improper disposal of e-waste.”

KOPEG’s owner, Mike Green, isn’t fussy about the items they accept. “We will compensate fundraisers for all models, no matter what condition. Our focus is to keep these items out of our nation’s landfills and help protect water for future generations. We make it simple and easy and pay for all shipping of items to our office.”

To sign up for a free Green Fundraising Program with Project KOPEG, visit www.projectkopeg.com and visit the program section or contact Mary Bradley at mary@projectkopeg.com For more information contact us at info@projectkopeg.com or (888) 732-3555. To learn more about America Recycles Day, visit www.nrc-recycle.org or www.americarecyclesday.org

About Project KOPEG
Founded by Mike and Josi Green, projectkopeg.com, provides businesses and organizations a way to recycle environmentally toxic items and turn them into cash to support their worthy causes. As a “Green” company, Project KOPEG is featured in the Green Business Interview of CO-OP America, visit www.coopamerica.org for the full interview.

Project KOPEG
Mary Bradley