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Thermal Matrix Technology Provides Advance Detection of Suicide Bombers

Washington, DC, January 29, 2015 --( In the wake of turmoil and increased tension in the Middle East, Thermal Matrix International (TMI) is pledging its support to security forces facing new and increased threats of terrorism. TMI specializes in concealed object threat detection systems that can detect a suicide bomber before a terrorist can strike.

The most recent report of an attack that the technology is designed to prevent occurred earlier this month in Saudi Arabia, when a militant who illegally crossed the border indicated he wanted to surrender. But instead, as he approached a Saudi commander, the militant detonated explosives hidden beneath his clothing, killing the commander and himself.

“Undetected suicide bombers such as this must be spotted and stopped before they reach their target,” said Richard Salem, CEO of Thermal Matrix International. “TMI technology has been developed and tested to give security forces an important detection and intervention tool, this is technology that can save lives.”

Multiple events over the past 12 months, including the spread of the Islamic State, the taking of hostages and beheadings, and the Charlie Hebdo attack, have led to increased demand for suicide bomber detection systems such as those developed by Thermal Matrix.

The key to TMI’s technology is improved stand-off capability that provides security forces with the extra time they need to detect and intervene before a suicide bomber reaches his intended destination. Through the use of infrared sensors security personnel have greater ability to see what a person may be hiding beneath their clothing, the difference between an ordinary person and a terrorist in disguise.

The Thermal Matrix ACT2 System integrates with infrared sensors, expanding on their abilities. The system improves concealed object threat detection through target identification, target tracking, and color analysis of potential person-borne improvised explosive devices (PBIEDs). ACT2 also provides ability to display and control the imagery of multiple sensors, adding DVR functions so scenes can quickly be reviewed or archived. All of these features combine to improve the operator’s ability to use IR sensors for concealed object detection.

“Terrorists are continually changing their methods of operations, and security forces around the world must be vigilant with the latest that technology can offer,” Salem said. “We’re here to help, with systems that have not only been successfully deployed around the world, but are also being continually refined and improved to offer the greatest security and safety possible.”

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