Awards "Chivalry Role Model of the Month" Accolades to Co-Winners Ryan Seacrest, Chris Evans and Al Roker for January 2015

For the first time since the award was created, has selected 3 winners of its "Chivalry Role Model of the Month" award for January 2015. Highlighted for demonstrating chivalrous behavior and serving as positive role models for young men, Ryan Seacrest, Chris Evans and Al Roker were each named a co-winner of this month's award. This accolade recognizes noteworthy gestures of chivalry, grandiose or small, which highlight the positive impact such behavior by men can have.

Philadelphia, PA, January 29, 2015 --( It's been quite a month for chivalry. For the first time since creating its "Chivalry Role Model of the Month" award, gave the accolade to three co-winners for the month of January, 2015.

Noted TV personality Ryan Seacrest of American Idol fame was cited for demonstrating chivalry right as the new year was kicking off. Hosting ABC-TV's program "New Year's Rockin' Eve" December 31st into January 1st, Mr. Seacrest was standing on stage outdoors in Times Square, New York. At his side stood the very popular singer Taylor Swift, who had just performed a medley of her hit songs including "Shake It Off." For her performance she had doffed her coat and was singing while wearing a stylish black crop-top. Afterward she put on a light sequined white jacket over the black top, leaving her exposed to the very cold elements of a wintry night.

Noticing what she was wearing, Ryan Seacrest quickly shed his own coat and draped it across her shoulders so Ms. Swift could stay warm. There was even a moment of humor as she didn't immediately recognize the gesture of chivalry and joked that he was doing a striptease.

Chris Evans, the popular actor known for playing the role of Captain America in the Marvel Universe films, demonstrated his act of chivalry during the People's Choice Awards the night of January 7, 2015. Popular actress Betty White was named the winner of the Favorite TV Icon award and she stood up to climb the steps onto the stage.

Mr. Evans, seated nearby, quickly hopped up from his seat and offered her his arm, then escorted her up the stairs. The moment was noticed immediately by many people on twitter which was filled with widespread tweets about "Captain America" and his chivalry.

Al Roker, the popular TV personality and weatherman featured on NBC-TV's "Today Show" and known for his 36 hour-long #Rokerthon marathon weather broadcast, offered his chivalrous gesture during the "Today Show" on January 22, 2015. During a segment for "Throw Back Thursday," co-host Tamron Hall ran outside the studio holding a photo of a very young Jodie Foster from the film "Freaky Friday."

Dressed only in a sleeveless dress she ran a half-block on a frigid day to ask some fans gathered in the plaza if they could guess who the actress was. Clearly cold, she ran back to get inside the studio and her co-hosts were amazed she hadn't put on her coat before her dash outside. Seeing that she was shivering, Mr. Roker quickly took off his gray suit jacket and draped it across her shoulders to help her warm up.

Relationship expert John Rasiej of remarks, "It's wonderful that this year kicks off with chivalry seeming to be on the increase. It's clear from the reactions on social media, such as twitter's traffic after Chris Evans' gesture, that many people are noticing and appreciating when it happens. The more such personalities demonstrate chivalrous behavior, the more they will impact young men and women who take their cues from such people."

Mr. Rasiej continues, "At a time when positive role models can benefit young people, especially judging Taylor Swift's not understanding at first that she was being offered chivalry, the more public the stage where the gesture occurs can increase awareness and dialogue."

These men Witnessing an act of chivalry can underscore for these boys and young men the value and timelessness of such a gesture. Similarly it can been seen by girls and young women as a reminder of the more positive treatment they can seek and the kind of men who offer it. Because all three men let chivalry be seen on popular programs, more and more men can get such reminders." aims to rekindle the sincere practice of courteous behavior by men toward women. More information is available at and at the blog on that website. Mr. Rasiej may also be followed on twitter at @YesToChivalry and on facebook at www.Facebook/com/ChivalryMatters.
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