BanCorp Properties Zeroing in on Newport Coast Real Estate Market in a Multi-Pronged Marketing Effort

As part of its new market initiative BanCorp Properties is using the favorable lending environment which exists due to the historical low mortgage interest rates which are still prevalent in the southland in combination with a aggressive social media blitz to grab additional market share in the Newport Coast housing market.

Newport Coast, CA, January 30, 2015 --( With interest rates at historical lows it allows borrowers to purchase homes with higher market values due to increased purchasing power. The borrower has done nothing income wise to warrant the ability to purchase a higher priced home, the simply benefit from the decreasing interest rates. Because the homes for sale in Newport Coast are higher than the other communities in Orange County, this localized market benefits greatly as more borrowers are able to enter the market. BanCorp Properties believes that by intensifying its marketing efforts in the Newport Coast real estate market in conjunction with the lower rates will allow the company to not only increase market share, but also increase brand awareness in this strategic city.

The Newport Coast housing market which includes the communities of Crystal Cove, Pelican Hill, Perazul and Ocean Heights among other high-end subdivisions and unique neighborhoods is one of the most exclusive in Orange County, and BanCorp Properties believes that the company would be negligent if it did not step up efforts in its social media advertising focusing on the Newport Coast real estate professional. Greg Steinaker, President of BanCorp Properties was quoted as saying “It is one thing to take a listing and put it on the MLS, it is quite another thing to take the listing and then aggressively market the Newport Coast property through the major social media hubs such as Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.” Mr. Steinaker went on to add, “It is pretty well known that approximately 90% of all home searches begin on the internet, and this does not mean just a simple ‘Google Search’ many times the search begins with a peek on social media outlets.”

BanCorp Properties has called this a new market initiative, but it is not a new initiative at all, the company has been targeting the Newport Coast real estate market in a hyper-sensitive marketing campaign since the 3rd quarter of 2014 in a attempt to increase its inventory of Newport Coast homes for sale and the company does not anticipate stopping anytime in the near future. The company believes that if interest rates stay low and more buyers are able to enter this high-end market in combination with the increased brand awareness through internet and social media marketing should pay dividends both in the short and long-term. The company believes that the push will likely result in more representations as a buyer’s agent equally with listing agent assignments, helping to propel overall sales for the company.
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Greg Steinaker