Translation Cloud Launches New Translation Cloud API for Developers

Translation Cloud LLC, the award-winning translation company and creator of, has launched its crowdsource translation platform API for developers.

New York, NY, February 01, 2015 --( Translation Cloud, the professional translation service provider and creator of have launched its latest development, the Translation Cloud API for developers. Translation Cloud API ( was developed as a way for its users to take control of the translation process from start to finish through the incorporation and utilization of its dynamic functions within almost any application.

With a database of over 6,000 thoroughly tested translators in over 75 different languages at the user’s disposal, the crowdsource translation method utilized by the API delivers fast, inexpensive, and accurate translations all within the framework of the application. Through the Translation Cloud API users are able to upload and retrieve completed files in multiple formats, create new translation projects, calculate how much it will cost to translate a given project, view each individual segment of text, view the percentage of completion for each project, and many other functions.

“For developers, Translation Cloud API can be considered a dream solution for translation needs. Since the API is dynamic enough to allow the crowdsource translation platform to be incorporated directly into their programs or applications, its purpose and usefulness is limited only by the developer’s creativity,” says Alex Buran, CEO of Translation Cloud. “For instance, some developers have even used the Translation Cloud API as a fully-functional, condensed translation company of its own since users could potentially take on outside projects and set their own rates, while using the API to handle all of the translation work.”

In order to use the API, users must sign up for an account at, and register their app once logged in. While a credit card is required to sign up, users are only billed for the completed translations they receive, on a monthly cycle (not on a per-project basis). There are no other fees or subscription charges to use the API. To put it simply: Users only pay for the translations they’ve ordered.

To celebrate the launch of its Translation Cloud API, the company is also offering $100 credit to everyone who signs up. So that means the first $100 worth of translations completed using the API will be completely free.

Like most APIs, it is primarily aimed at developers, so to initially set up the Translation Cloud API there is some programming know-how required. However, the universal applications of the API can be appealing to business clients or individuals as well. Since that’s the case, users without any programming background who still wish to use the API may need to enlist the help of their IT department or someone familiar with basic programming to set it up.

For more information about the Translation Cloud API, the company has created a couple of tutorials which help explain what it’s all about, how to set it up, and how to get the most out of its features:

-What is Translation Cloud?:
-How to use Translation Cloud API:
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