Pipette.com Launches Eppendorf 6-Pack Pipette Bundle

Customized bundle makes it easy for lab technicians to get up and running. The bundle includes 6 Eppendorf Research plus pipettes, 7 packs of pipette tips, and a carousel stand.

San Diego, CA, February 04, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Pipette.com announces an exclusive Eppendorf 6-Pack Pipette Bundle, a new promotion on the Eppendorf Research plus. The promotion is designed to help researchers increase productivity with a comprehensive set of 6 adjustable-volume Eppendorf pipettes, 6-place carousel stand, and 7 racks of pipette tips.

Customers can use the Eppendorf 6-Pack Bundle to begin and finish experiments that require high precision and accuracy. The Eppendorf Research plus pipette is the perfect pipette for any lab due to its spring loaded tip cone, light weight, and position of control elements. The Eppendorf 6-Pack Pipette Bundle includes the following:

· 6 adjustable pipettes (0.1-2.5 µL, 0.5–10 µL, 2–20 µL, 10–100 µL, 20–200 µL, 100–1,000 µL)
· 6-place carousel stand
· 4 packs of 960 filter tips
· 3 packs of 960 non-filter tips

With the Eppendorf 6-Pack Pipette Bundle, lab technicians can venture to create reproducible results and save $213.70 (or 10%) off list price.

To learn more about the Eppendorf Research plus 6-Pack Bundle, or any other Eppendorf pipette specials, visit http://pipette.com/eppendorfpipettes.

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