Ecosmob Technologies Launches New VoIP Solutions Pages for Their Asterisk Specific Website

With the vision of continuously providing the advanced and user-friendly business solutions, Ecosmob Technologies has added three new solutions pages on These added solutions pages include DID Router, WebRTC Client and Dynamic IVR solutions.

Ahmedabad, India, February 04, 2015 --( On the Asterisk specific website, Ecosmob Technologies has added three new pages for VoIP Solutions that are result-oriented and used for multiple business verticals. They are designed to revamp and put together the existing communication channels which are being used for your business. The software are Direct Inward Dialing, WebRTC Client and Interactive Voice Response Builder solutions. For your detailed information, all three solutions are elaborated below:

DID Router Solution:
Augmented with the expert technical features, DID Router solution is designed to help users get connected from any nook and corner of the world over VoIP and PSTN networks. Using this VoIP software, the workload of your receptionists can be reduced which can be utilized for other critical tasks. Functioning as a Call Distributor, DID Router Solution basically routes the incoming calls to predefined numbers and thus, effectively handles the incoming call traffic. The software also effectively accomplishes the loophole of remote communication. Easy to use and integrate, the DID Router Solution caters the high-tech features that help you overcome your business communication complexities.

WebRTC Client Software:
WebRTC Client Software helps in accessing the WebRTC API inbuilt in browsers. Enriched with key features such as audio and video calling, screen sharing plus chatting, it is a prime software allowing the video communications on a client platform. It allows the real-time communication rendering smooth connectivity and crystal clear voice quality. This is the web based solution and can be run in the WebRTC enabled browsers with any operating system or platform and no extra plug-ins are required. WebRTC Client Software exhibits user-friendly interface, high security, reliability and measurable performance.

Dynamic IVR Builder:
Dynamic Interactive Voice Response Builder is a GUI based IVR call flow designer and reporting system with proven technology proficiency. In the landscape of VoIP solutions, this software is one of the strong revolutions. Many businesses can get help from Dynamic IVR Builder by achieving the competitive edge through growing their brand loyalty. The solution is deployed to create the several IVR menus and to amplify the improved caller experience. It can also be utilized for presenting the interactive voice response services to multiple tenants by the service providers. On availing this solution, the users can get intensified customer support along with great ease of use, high security and robust reliability. Implementation and administration of IVR Builder becomes very easy with the help of GUI based tool and quick management.

DID Router Solution, WebRTC Client software and Dynamic IVR builder are all designed to have optimum results as well as enhanced user support. These business solutions can be used for multiple applications in many business verticals. The solutions are full-bodied plus highly developed and thus, they can help you in enhancing your business growth.

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