Social Media Site for Media Unknowns. Offers a Free Rung Up the Ladder.

Social media site for media industry unknowns to share, network, and help each other without being charged for extra services. its free for everything, and always will be.

Swindon, United Kingdom, February 05, 2015 --( Currently there are only a handful of good social resources in the field of media. If you are a new Writer, Director, Producer or Dancer for instance: There are some good social sites you can go to, but to do anything useful, you are charged a fee.

This new site is trying to change the shape of this trend by using co-operation, and membership power instead of fees.

The site is aiming to bring all visual and written new talents together with the focus on helping each other, and having fees such as industry pro’s input, and prize winning competitions paid for by advertising revenue.

Fledgling sites like these need the support of media industry newcomers in order to flourish into something worthwhile that really will end up benefiting their members in the way they want it to.

So what does the site intend to offer you in return for your support?

The framework is in place for a full media site bringing together your own personal blog, uploading of pictures and videos, submitting written works, video chat, you tube channel, pod casts, and a plan to get members in the same towns together to do performances, and dramatic readings for the pod casts.

There will also be a free resources section.
Dean Ash