Boardcon Released a Low-Power Linux/Android-Ready Compact Board Based on Samsung Exynos4412

Boardcon announced a Linux/Android-ready compact board based on Samsung 32nm Cortex-A9 quad Core processor. 1GB/2GB DDR3, 4GB/8GB/16GB eMMC. Small size, high speed, low power consumption, complete source code. Support Android4.0 / 4.2 / 4.4, Ubuntu12.04, and Linux + QT OS. Camera, USB WIFI, GPS, GPRS, USB 3G...

Shenzhen, China, February 06, 2015 --( Following last year’s release of Compact 31S based on Allwinner’s quad-core phablet processor using the Cortex-A7 architecture, Boardcon stepped up with a Samsung Cortex-A9 CPU to its latest quad core card size board Compact4412.

Compact 4412 is based on the Samsung Exynos4412 quad-core A9 processor at 1.5GHz featuring an advanced ARM Mali-400 MP4(440MHz) GPU, 1GB DDR3 memory (2G DDR3 optional), built-in 4GB eMMC flash (8G / 16G eMMC optional).

The card size board supports Android4.0 / 4.2 / 4.4, Ubuntu12.04, and Linux + QT OS, and HDMI / VGA & LCD dual display, software & hardware shutdown, semi-sleep mode and other functions are also supported. The size of Compact 4412 is only 100 * 68mm, on-board VGA, USB HUB, supports MIPI interface expansion.

With the features of multiple functions, high speed, low power consumption, and complete source code, Compact4412 can improve time to market, reduce cost and risk of integration and streamline development processes. If you are considering a tiny computer for general purpose computing, software development or as a project platform, the ARM-based compact computer Compact4412 will give you a lot more satisfaction and fun with incredible performance for a very low price.

Compact 4412 features
* CPU - Samsung Exynos 4412, ARM Cortex-A9 Quad-Core, 4*1.5GHz, 32/32 KB I/D Cache, 1MB L2 Cache
* GPU - ARM Mali-400 MP4 (quad-core), complies with OpenGL 2.0, SM3.0, DX9
* Memory - 1GB DDR3. 2GB optional
* Flash - 4GB eMMC Flash. 8GB/16GB optional
* Power - 5V/2A
* USB - 2x USB Host, 1x USB OTG
* UART - 4x UART(TTL), default UART3 debug port
* HDMI - HDMI V1.4, 1080p/60fps
* VGA - SDA7123 , maximum resolution 1920*1200
* Audio - MIC / headphone interface; 2-ch external speaker
* Ethernet - RJ45 interface, DM9621
* LCD - 40pin FPC interface, support capacitive touch screen
* RTC - Real Time Clock, powered by external lithium battery
* SD card - 1x TF card slot
* IrDA - HR0038B, infrared remote control
* Button - Reset, power switch, 2x customize buttons
* DIP switch - Boot mode setting
* GPIO - 2x 40-pin expansion connector. Used to extend SDIO, SPI, I2C, ADC, PWM, UART, MIPI, Camera
* Optional modules - Matrix keyboard, Camera, USB WIFI, GPS, GPRS, USB 3G, USB mouse, USB keyboard
* Dimension - 100 x 68mm

Boardcon can provide the embedded hardware and software to meet user’s embedded project requirements. When the addition of user’s feature can economically be included in one of existing SBCs, Boardcon will modify the board for a semi-custom solution. When needed, Boardcon will develop a new embedded SBC or peripheral board to meet user’s requirements.
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