Launches Online Booking and Staff Scheduling Software for Small Businesses

Seattle, WA, February 06, 2015 --(, a software start-up in Seattle is launching its online appointment booking and staff scheduling software for small businesses. According to Casey Sullivan, Founder and CEO of Bookafy, “Small service businesses carry a huge burden in having to balance customer appointment booking and staff scheduling with the customers need for efficiency and convenience. Customers want to book appointments with ease, and they should be able to… and Bookafy can help!”

Bookafy has been working privately with beta customers for the last 6 months, and is now opening its platform to other small business owners in the US.

“Almost half of our beta customers are what we call Solo Entrepreneurs… they run the business and do the work… they answer the phone to book appointments and then they give the massage or personal training session” said Sullivan. “We want to free business owners from the hassle of scheduling and let them focus on what they love… working with their customers and growing their business, not playing phone tag and never ending email strings trying to find mutually available appointment times.”

The other half of Bookafy’s Beta Customers included Salons and Spas, Stylist and Designers, Carpet Cleaners and Window Washers as well as other serviced based small businesses that benefit from streamlined appointment booking. “Small businesses are our focus,” said marketing manager Sarah Duprie, “Larger businesses tend to have resources for legacy systems and staff to solve these problems. But for small business owners… Bookafy solves a big customer service problem and frankly… we are really excited about that!”

Bookafy has seen great success with its Beta Customers in time saved with scheduling appointments, elimination of no-shows and the elimination of missed opportunities when customers book elsewhere. Bookafy’s automated appointment reminders have almost completely eliminated no-shows for its Beta Customers… which is only a small part of the software, but this alone makes the software a must have for small business owners. Studies have shown, eliminating No-Shows alone could increase revenue by 20%! Bookafy is excited to give small business owners a great tool to help their businesses flourish!

About Bookafy
Bookafy, based in Seattle, Washington is a privately-funded company and was founded in February 2014 by entrepreneur Casey Sullivan. For more information, please call (800) 849-9934 or visit
Casey Sullivan