Steve Cadigan to Guest on Mariposa Leadership’s Popular Wise Talk Leadership Forum

Steve Cadigan, a sought-after Silicon Valley talent, people and culture expert, will be interviewed by Sue Bethanis, CEO/Founder of Mariposa Leadership, on the popular Wise Talk Leadership Forum for executives on February 26, 2015.

San Francisco, CA, February 06, 2015 --( Mariposa Leadership, Inc. is pleased to announce that Steve Cadigan, founder of Cadigan Talent Ventures LLC and former Vice President of Talent at LinkedIn, will be a guest on Wise Talk, a popular monthly leadership forum for technology executives, on Thursday, February 26, 2015 at 4pm PT / 7pm ET. In an interview with Sue Bethanis, CEO/Founder of Mariposa Leadership, Steve will share valuable talent sourcing and hiring insights and a compelling vision that will help companies rethink how quality talent is sourced and hired in the future.

Companies wanting to grow and scale need to source great talent. But traditional talent recruiting and hiring methods - post a job opening, receive resumes, conduct interviews – are labor-intensive, expensive and flawed. Resumes flood email boxes and keyword searches can skip over qualified applicants. Further, biases can be introduced when hiring for culture fit, causing companies to pass on otherwise fantastic talent. According to Steve, the recruitment and hiring process is ripe for innovation.

Steve is one of Silicon Valley’s hottest properties when it comes to people, talent and culture. As Founder of Cadigan Talent Ventures LLC, a Silicon Valley-based talent strategies advisory firm, Steve helps organizations worldwide develop winning talent solutions. His specialties include assisting high growth companies with change management, acquisition integration, converting culture into a strategic advantage, leading and scaling in hyper-growth, and assisting organizations through IPO transitions.

Prior to launching his own firm, Steve served as VP Talent at LinkedIn from 2009 through 2012, taking the company from a private firm of 400 employees, through an IPO and into the powerhouse that it is recognized as today with over 5,000 employees. The groundbreaking work Steve did at LinkedIn as the executive responsible for culture, leadership, talent and organizational development is widely seen as the textbook example of how a company can leverage its culture to scale profitably in record time. Steve’s work in building LinkedIn’s culture led Stanford University to build a case study about it and today, it is taught to their business students.

Steve spends a great deal of time helping leaders and organizations around the world create compelling talent strategies. Many organizations recognize that competitive advantage today derives from digital and technological superiority. But, for companies to realize this advantage, it is imperative that they hire superior technical talent and allow that talent to grow, thrive and innovate. Creating compelling cultures to attract and unlock high performance is essential, and this is where Steve’s passion and talent exists. At LinkedIn, while competing against companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Apple, Steve led the recruiting and culture efforts that attracted world-class talent, disrupted an industry, and became a benchmark for technology IPOs.

Steve holds a BA in History from Wesleyan University and an MA in HROD from the University of San Francisco. Today he is a highly sought after speaker and advisor - addressing conferences around the world and speaking at schools such as Stanford University, The Ivey School of Business in Shanghai, IESE in Barcelona and the University of Sydney. In addition to public speaking, Steve advises fast growth tech companies like Twitter and some of Silicon Valley’s leading VC firms such as Andreesen Horowitz and Greylock, and serves on the advisory board of numerous companies going through rapid growth or building disruptive products in the talent space.

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