BBF Proven as Revolutionary Tertiary Filtration Providing Simultaneous Nitrogen Removal: SWRCB Accepts BBF as Title 22 Alternative Technology

Carson, CA, February 07, 2015 --( BKT’s biological filtration (BBF) system has been approved by the California State Water Resources Control Board as an alternative filtration technology for achieving the minimum turbidity level required under Title 22 of the California Water Recycling Criteria.

Over the last six months, BKT has tested its BBF technology extensively at a pilot plant located at Los Angeles County Sanitation District's Joint Water Pollution Control Plant in Carson, CA. During this time, BBF has consistently met Title 22 guidelines in normal operation, meeting the turbidity requirement of 2NTU while achieving 93% removal of total nitrogen from non-nitrified secondary effluent.

A vast majority of wastewater treatment facilities in the United States, most of which were built decades ago, do not meet low nitrogen discharge limit. The resulting pollution from the operation of these plants has led to the severe environmental problems. The limitations of these outdated facilities thus present a serious technological hindrance for water reuse applications requiring nitrogen removal, including groundwater replenishment.

Now proven to function effectively in filtration, BBF can also remove nitrogen at the same time while occupying the same or less space than traditional tertiary filtration options, such as sand filter. This space-efficient footprint makes BBF an ideal choice for retrofitting outdated wastewater facilities looking to update operations with nitrogen removal process with space limitations.

Currently, BBF already has more than 100 references worldwide, including small descentralized wastewater treatment packages as well as up to 190 MGD capacity. Additionally, BBF has been applied to municipal wastewater treatment, groundwater remediation, and combined sewer overflow (CSO) control. Recently, BBF technology was selected by the City of Barstow, CA, for use in an ongoing groundwater remediation project to remove nitrate.

About BBF Biofiltration System

BBF system is a gravity-based biofiltration technology that employs a combination of biological and physical filtration methods. Floating media comprised of lightweight expanded polypropylene beads remove suspended solids while organic components and nitrogen are removed by the biofilm coated on the filter media. When run with two reactions in series, one aerobic and the other anoxic, the BBF system is capable of removing both nitrogen and suspended solids simultaneously.

About BKT

Established in 1995, BKT is an innovative environmental technology company that utilizes its diverse technology portfolio to deliver comprehensive consulting, engineering, operating, and financing services for wastewater treatment.

Today, BKT provides a broad range of solutions to an expanding group of global partners, incorporating its BBF biological treatment system and FMX membrane filtration technology to deliver creative solutions for long-standing issues associated with conventional filtration technology. Its products focus not only on conserving environmental resources such as water, but also on conserving fiscal resources through maximizing energy and space usage for clients throughout the treatment process. By employing its key principles—retrofit, replace, reuse, recycle—BKT seeks to renew the wastewater it processes to turn waste into a resource for future use.

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For more information on the BBF biofiltration system:
Yang Yang Zhang
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Direct: (714) 578-0676