Data-Centric Job Startup Roletroll Guarantees Responses to Candidate Applications

Tinder-style matching powered by algorithms gives jobseekers feedback before, during, and after applying.

Brooklyn, NY, February 07, 2015 --( Roletroll, a job-search startup built on providing hyper-personalized job recommendations, has expanded its personalized approach to job search to guarantee feedback to users on each job to which they apply.

Launched in June 2014, Roletroll has listed more than 100,000 jobs and identified over 50 million individual matches through their system.

Building on their proven job-matching platform, the company is extending its targeted approach beyond identifying jobs and providing an end-to-end platform for jobseekers.

After seeing a shortlist of jobs produced by Roletroll’s proprietary algorithms, jobseekers can apply directly via the site. Unlike other job boards however, Roletroll pushes to get the right people in organizations to look at applications, in effect advocating for candidates. In the process, Roletroll collects feedback and passes the information along to applicants.

Candidates stay in the loop and can make adjustments as they go. Gone are the days of sending resumes to the seeming black hole of HR application portals, and gone are the days of waiting and never hearing any feedback about an application.

The Roletroll process puts users directly in front of recruiters and hiring managers and is thus able to guarantee feedback within 2 to 3 weeks. "Real-time feedback is crucial for any job search," says Roletroll co-founder Adam Grealish. "It takes much of the guesswork out of the search process and allows candidates to hone their profiles when applying to future roles."

In addition to guaranteed feedback, Roletroll has expanded its job matching service to provide hot leads to jobseekers. The process is designed to give candidates a better gauge of active demand for their skills while giving them the option to pursue interesting opportunities as they arise.

Through an anonymized process, potential employers can indicate interest in candidate profiles, and users are alerted to the interest. If the feeling is mutual, the system puts both parties in contact, otherwise no further information is revealed. Though the process candidates are able to test the market without exposing themselves to recruiters and the deluge of emails that often follow.

Founded by ex-Goldman trader and quant, Adam Grealish, Roletroll specializes in tech and finance roles and currently serves New York, Chicago and San Francisco markets.

About Roletroll

Roletroll is a job-matching platform for the tech and finance communities that uses data and statistics to match jobseekers to positions that fit their unique skills and backgrounds. Roletroll uses natural language processing and machine learning to identify high-quality matches and provides personalized support through the application process.
Adam Grealish