Free Ongoing Review of Billing for Parcel Shipments Results in Continuous Refunds of Overpayments

Independent review can save hundreds of thousands of dollars, long-term, for companies who use UPS, FedEx and/or DHL to ship their products.

Clifton Park, NY, November 15, 2007 --( Blue Coast Financial Group, a national company specializing in corporate cost reduction services, announces a partnership with one of the nation’s leading providers of Parcel Auditing Services. They now offer their clients one of the most comprehensive parcel shipping support services in the business. The services include comprehensive invoice auditing, rate review, carrier contract negotiation, payment processing, recovery services, and advanced reporting, all of which serve to reduce their clients’ parcel shipping expenses. Their specialized 3PL parcel services are unique to the distribution and fulfillment industry.

Using proprietary software, the corporate audit group and associated audit partners analyze weekly electronic billing data from major carriers looking for service failures and billing errors. These types of errors represent 3-8% of the total typical bill, according to Bill Barontini of ParcelSmart, an auditing service based in Pittsburgh that is a division of Bellini Global. “For most parcel shippers, finding these failures is a real headache….and it’s an even bigger headache to have to deal with the shipper to get the credits you deserve. You can easily spend more money and time chasing down credits than you can recover, so most people don’t waste their time and energy. Our sophisticated software drills down into the bills and finds the errors. We do the “legwork” to get the credits posted to your parcel carrier account. You provide the data…..we do the work….you get the credit”, reports Lynn Atkinson, a partner in the Clifton Park office. Atkinson continued, “We audit the major parcel shippers – UPS, FedEx and DHL – using either weekly electronic ebills or EDI. The cost for these services is a split of the money found, so there are no out-of-pocket expenses”.

According to Atkinson, “Because of the amount of work involved…we are generally looking for companies that have shipping expenses that total at least $250,000 per year with these three shippers". The bottom line is that your parcel carrier may have thousands of dollars of your overpaid shipping expenses waiting to be recovered…and they’re not going to give it back unless you can show them the details. That’s what Blue Coast Financial Group helps you do on an ongoing basis.

Further information is available by contacting Lynn Atkinson or Janet Vitek of Blue Coast Financial Group, at (518) 664-1607.

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Lynn Atkinson