AirBoard - the Word's Smallest Manned Aircraft - Unveils on Indiegogo®

It is the world's smallest manned aircraft based on a quadcopter design. It is all electric personal air vehicle. The board moves in reaction to shifts in the rider’s weight.

Liepaja, Latvia, February 13, 2015 --( Today Elviss Straupenieks launched AirBoard on Indiegogo® crowdfunding platform. AirBoard is the world's smallest manned aircraft. It is all electric personal air vehicle, featuring four propellers powered by four separate electric motors. The board moves in reaction to shifts in the rider’s weight.

"It is designed for moving in extreme environments, such as over water and snow or in a desert. Military and emergency services could use it for search and rescue missions, or photographers could use it to film shots from the air," said Elviss Straupenieks, Latvian-based inventor of AirBoard. "AirBoard is more than just scaled quadcopter. It is a new category of aircraft. An aircraft you could place in your house or even in a car’s trunk."

It has a thermal core system. This system allows airflow from a thermal opening to flow inside the unibody and cool down the parts while passing more air to the propellers. The board is 71 inches (180 cm) long and 69 inches (150 cm) high when open, but folds down to 30 inches (80 cm) by 40 inches (110 cm) to make it portable. The production version will be made out of lightweight aluminum and titanium unibody.*

Users can also remotely control AirBoard using an app designed to work with the board’s built-in GPS and gyroscope.** The app additionally shows important information such as battery life, speed, compass and altitude. During flight, the phone sits in a holder fitted to the board's handles.

The conceptual design of AirBoard started in 2013. In 2014 it has been made in smaller scales and some full scale parts have been machined and tested. On January 2015 entered into agreement with manufacturing partner of AirBoards. On February 9, 2015, AirBoard is on Indiegogo® where people can contribute and have a priority to buy it when it is shipping in early 2016. Backers who donate a higher amount will have their signature engraved on all first generation AirBoards.

*Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
**App features are subject to change and may not be available in all regions or all languages.
Elviss Straupenieks