Anderson Thermal Devices Now Offering Industrial Market’s Leading Twin Tube Infrared Lamps

Hawthorne, NJ-based infrared heating experts, Anderson Thermal Devices are now inviting clients to review the company’s complete selection of twin tube heaters.

Hawthorne, NJ, February 12, 2015 --( To capitalize on the latest advances in infrared heating technology, manufacturers require expertly-designed systems for their process heating applications. Curing, drying and annealing work can be completed to precise specifications utilizing industrial infrared lamps. But only by purchasing systems designed for their plants can organizations achieve their unique processing targets. Within the process heating niche in the U.S. the team at Anderson Thermal Devices leads the way, and the company is now offering a comprehensive selection of twin tube industrial infrared lamps.

Anderson Thermal Devices’ lamps are available in both medium wave and shortwave to suit an array of applications needs. The superior mechanical strength of these systems allows companies to achieve greater heated lengths than they would with other market products. There are several different configurations of the twin tube Infrared Lamps. The electrical leads can be at one end or at both ends of the lamp. The tubes can have full straight coiled filaments or segmented filaments that can make different segments slightly higher wattage meaning higher emitted energy in certain segments of the lamp. Both medium wave and shortwave lamps are available with gold or ceramic reflective coatings.

Another leading advantage presented by these latest Anderson Thermal Devices components is their exceptionally high 200-watts per inch, or higher, energy density.

To learn more on the latest industrial infrared lamps offered through Anderson Thermal Devices, please contact their offices directly at 800-720-5256 or visit
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John McKechnie