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Wood Ridge, NJ, February 13, 2015 --(PR.com)-- It's hard to beat 50 years' worth of packaging expertise. This is the reason why World Packaging Co., Inc. has remained one of the most reliable sources of packaging supplies around, and their selection of high-quality carton sealing tape is proof of this. The company's line of pressure-sensitive carton sealing tapes contains various adhesive technologies and priced competitively to give you the best deal around.

Want to seal packages without creating noisy distractions? The No-Noise Tape is the perfect choice for the job. Unlike other tape brands that constantly make grating, annoying sounds while being unwound, the No-Noise Tape's adhesive technology is specifically designed to reduce noise during unwinding, therefore lessening the stress levels in hectic or narrow packaging areas. If you need a durable yet pliable carton sealing tape for your items, the Pressure-Sensitive Tape requires little effort to tape up a box while still being one of the sturdiest tapes available. Meanwhile, the Machine-Length tape is great for your Case Sealer applications.

Once you've decided which product is right for your purposes, you can have it plain or customized with the company's in-house printing services. To make your shopping even more pleasant, the company is currently offering free shipping on their carton sealing tapes and packing list envelopes, so take advantage of this opportunity while you.

Aside from carton sealing tapes, the company also manufactures and imports other packaging materials such as bubble wrap and corrugated cartons, so don't hesitate to browse through www.WorldPackagingCo.com to learn more about their other top-of-the-line products.

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