SnApp to Design Mobile Apps for Real Estate Agents from Coldwell Banker

Mobile application developer SnApp is now contracting with Coldwell Banker to build custom mobile applications for real estate agents who work with the company in California. SnApp’s native mobile apps for real estate agents are designed to make real estate searches and transactions more convenient for both agents and their clients.

Los Angeles, CA, February 17, 2015 --( SnApp, a mobile application developer that specializes building mobile applications for real estate agents, recently entered into a contract with real estate company Coldwell Banker. Under this contract, SnApp will develop custom mobile apps for real estate agents for a number of Coldwell Banker’s California-based agents. SnApp’s native apps for real estate agents, which feature industry-relevant tools, unique branding and a high level of customization, should enable Coldwell Banker’s agents to streamline their work and bring unprecedented levels of convenience to their clients.

SnApp’s apps are tailored to suit the real estate industry as well as each agent’s preferences. When designing each app, SnApp gives the agent control over various characteristics, including layout, color scheme and the features that are offered within the app. Virtually any function can be incorporated into SnApp’s mobile apps for real estate agents. The apps also offer numerous industry-specific tools, such as mortgage calculators and listing browsing tools, which are comparable to the tools available in apps for large real estate websites. By making the client experience more convenient and facilitating contact between agents and clients, these apps should help Coldwell Banker’s real estate agents deliver superior customer service.

The contract with Coldwell Banker represents just one of many new projects that SnApp has recently taken on. Jeff Taylor of leading real estate publication observes, “SnApp is definitely in the right space, at the right time, due to the need for better technology for real estate agents.” SnApp is currently experiencing strong growth, with more new contracts lined up and custom apps being released to the App Store on a weekly basis. So far, SnApp has received decidedly positive feedback, with existing clients reporting very high levels of satisfaction with the company’s apps for real estate agents.

In addition to offering real estate agents highly personalized apps, SnApp enables agents to keep up with their competitors while avoiding the high costs often associated with custom app development. Agents who contract with SnApp pay a low initial fee and then a recurrent monthly fee, which covers various ongoing services. SnApp provides updates to accommodate operating system changes or the release of new mobile devices, and SnApp periodically changes the content, layout and other aspects of its mobile apps. These ongoing services ensure that agents keep pace with technological changes and their own competitors.

The functionality of SnApp’s apps, along with the number of features that new clients can choose from, is growing each week. SnApp now provides many of these new features to clients on a complimentary basis, and clients always have the option of purchasing the others. To offer further convenience to those in real estate, SnApp also produces apps for other professionals, including brokers and employees in corporate offices. These apps can be custom-built to assist these professionals in a wide range of unique job-related tasks, from recruiting to reaching out to tenants. Coming developments are only expected to add to the performance and utility of

SnApp’s mobile applications for real estate agents and other real estate industry professionals. About SnApp SnApp builds mobile applications for real estate agents, to enable their clients easy access to MLS listings, and helpful features, such as the ability to save / share listings, send push notifications, and an interactive map search.
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SnApp builds mobile applications for real estate agents and brokers.