Webuyhouses.com Finds Great Success Selling Homes and Getting Cash Quickly for Owners

We Buy Houses is geared to the customer, takes pressure off of sellers, and gets them fast cash for their home. The process is simple and efficient.

Boca Raton, FL, November 15, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Webuyhouses.com is a home investment site designed for people who want to quickly sell and get cash for their homes. Unlike other investment sites, webuyhouses.com gears their business not toward themselves, but rather toward the customer. They have skilled investors set up in every city in the US and are able to assist people in selling their homes conveniently, while getting cash for homeowners quickly.

The number one priority of webuyhouses.com is to take as much pressure as possible off of the seller. They realize that sometimes people simply want or need to sell their homes fast for cash. “We understand that folks who need to sell a house quickly are often under a lot of stress,” says one of their investment specialists.

They are able to achieve the goal of focusing on the customer in many different ways. One thing many homeowners really appreciate is cutting some of the costs of real estate agents who often receive anywhere from eight to ten and sometimes even 12 percent of the actual purchase price of the home. This means that if an owner sells their home for $100,000, and the real estate agent gets ten percent, then that agent gets paid $10,000—that’s $10,000 the seller does not get.

Another way webuyhouses.com helps their customers ease the overwhelming stress is by alleviating some of the inconveniences that go with selling a home. These inconveniences include open house hassles, scheduling appointments for people to come tour the home, and resolving other complicated issues that arise when selling real estate—like difficult title searches. They really concentrate on relieving that stressed-out feeling that naturally goes with selling a home.

What’s most important for the homeowner who wants to quickly sell their home through webuyhouses.com is that it’s a relatively simple process. All they really have to do to get started is fill out a quick form and an investment officer will contact them right away. They make it an easy and efficient process.
“What a relief it was to sell our condo…It seemed like only a matter of days from the time you saw the apartment until the closing. Thank you so very much,” said L. Gruskin, a customer from Maryland.

D. Shepard a customer from Washington said, “I submitted my information…on the webuyhouses.com website on Tuesday night. By the next afternoon, your local area investor called me and made an appointment for the following day. By Friday I had an acceptable offer, a contract, and a deposit. Thanks.”

The testimonials speak for themselves. Webuyhouses.com truly does care about the customer and sells homes quickly, efficiently, and as stress free as possible for their customers.

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