Cisco-Eagle Manager Scott Stone Describes How to Test Hytrol Conveyor for Performance

Jonesboro, AR, February 14, 2015 --( Scott Stone is the E-business manager for Cisco-Eagle, Inc., a provider of integrated material handling and storage systems for industrial operations, describes how conveyor systems can help create warehouse efficiency and optimize operations. Stone writes in the Hytrol Conveyor company blog that conveyors are both a major investment and a serious decision.

“To ensure you get the most out of your conveyor system now and in the future, it’s also important to allow adequate time for testing prior to getting the new system up and running. There could be hidden mechanical issues that would delay production, or any number of other problems that may need to be adjusted so the conveyor system can perform at peak efficiency,” noted Stone.

Stone advises manufacturers to follow this 5-step checklist:
1. Inspection
2. Function Testing
3. Load Testing
4. Error Recovery
5. “What If” Scenarios

In addition to error recovery tests, manufacturers should also consider running “what if” scenarios to see how the conveyor system reacts to unplanned events, operator misuse, or worst-case scenarios. An example “what if” scenario might involve an operator pushing two buttons at once or pushing one button by mistake and then pushing the correct button a moment or two later.

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