The Art of Giving - Holiday Shoppers Hunt for the Gift That Keeps Giving

Young Rembrandts, the program that teaches children about the power of drawing, has tips and tricks for this holiday season that's fast approaching.

Elgin, IL, November 15, 2007 --( When a shopper fears their expensive presents will be tossed aside in a short time by their little ones, holiday shopping can turn into holiday hunting. From dolls to toy trucks, finding the ideal present is a challenge and chore for most family members and friends.

Young Rembrandts, the innovative program for teaching youth the power of drawing, recommends shoppers looking to new options this upcoming season. Located on their Web site,, shoppers can purchase art programs lasting six weeks for the children in their lives.

Reasons to Give Young Rembrandts

When creative ideas for presents run out or time simply expires, Young Rembrandts is a fast solution. Following are six reasons children will enjoy the Young Rembrandts program as a present this holiday season.

1. Give the gift of skill
• Learning how to draw enhances lifelong skills, such as fine motor skills, attention to detail, visual and spatial organization and more. A complete study developed by Kenneth Wesson, author of Drawing and the Brain, published in the American School Board Journal, to further ground the Young Rembrandts claims.
2. Give the gift of choice
• Children, with the help of their parents, can sign up for the scheduled classes at any time of the year as their schedule permits.
3. Give the gift of personality
• Developing a lifelong passion and skill helps children communicate better and builds their self-confidence.
4. Give the gift that stands apart
• Children often receive duplicate gifts during the holidays and this is one present they are unlikely to receive twice because it’s unique.
5. Give the gift of classics
• Young Rembrandts trains children as masters artists trained when they apprenticed – give your child access to the classics such as Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, Rembrandt and Renoir through Young Rembrandts’ art history programs.
6. Give the gift that’s big and small
• It fits in a stocking but is big enough to last weeks on end.

Other Art Gifts to Fill the Stockings

Reasons to join the Young Rembrandts program don’t stop here. Young Rembrandts also provides a list of art gifts on their Web site, located under Art Resources, from new crayons to journals to drawing boards.

For the well-planned gift-giver, any parent can put together a set of art supplies that’s ready-made and easy to use for the child. This can include art pencils, acrylic paints, paint-by-number sets, sketch pads and books and more. It can be as thorough or imaginative as desired and even designed with the child’s name or favorite colors on the outside.

More about Young Rembrandts

For nearly 20 years, Young Rembrandts has taught the power of drawing to children. It partners with day care centers, pre-schools, elementary schools and community recreation centers to supply or augment the art program. Young Rembrandts teaches drawing, the fundamental skill of all visual arts to children aged 3 ½ to 12. The proprietary method and step-by-step curriculum dispels the myth that art is a talent a child has or doesn’t have, and demonstrates that art can be learned by all children.

In 2000, Bette and her husband, Bill Fetter, franchised Young Rembrandts Inc. Currently, Young Rembrandts teaches about 30,000 students each week nationwide. The goal, Fetter notes, is to reach at least 200,000 students across the nation through parent-funded programs.

For more information about Young Rembrandts, its founder or to see drawings from children, please visit


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The Art of Giving

The Art of Giving

Young Rembrandts, the leader in children's drawing programs, recommends holiday gift giving ideas.