BanCorp Properties Seeks to Gain Market Share in Irvine Real Estate Market and Heighten Brand Awareness - Company to Re-Launch Popular Buyer's Rebate Program

BanCorp plans on reintroducing its popular buyer’s rebate program as it intensifies its marketing efforts in the Irvine real estate market. The company believes that product launch should allow it to gain market share as well as increase brand awareness in this strategic market. The company said it will also step up efforts in social media postings and internet advertising.

Irvine, CA, February 18, 2015 --( The community of Irvine is the largest in South Orange County and BanCorp believes that an intensified marketing effort in this market will allow it to secure additional market share. With interest rates remaining at near historical lows, it allows buyers to purchase properties that have higher market values that they would normally be able to secure if the interest rates were higher. The company believes that by stepping up efforts in its internet and social media campaigns it should be able to increase its inventory of Irvine homes for sale as well as secure more buyer’s representations. Irvine is considered and urban city and has a higher concentration of condominiums and tract homes than other surrounding cities.

The company believes that the timing is perfect to move away from the older-school methods of advertising such as print media and radio advertising and concentrate its resources on internet marketing and focused social media postings to help it reach its goals. The company had discontinued it popular buyer’s rebate program in 2014, and it believes that by bringing it back, in tandem with the new marketing campaign, this will allow the company to meet its lofty goals that it has set in the Irvine real estate market. Under the widely popular buyer’s rebate program, BanCorp rebates 25% of the gross commission back to the client to be used as the person sees fit. The program is perfectly legal when disclosed up-front, and if the lender (if one is needed) is aware of it. BanCorp has named its buyer’s rebate program the “better 2together program.”

One of the main benefits of targeted social media postings on major hubs such as Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter is that the company is able to zero-in on individual properties creating added exposure. There is also the potential the posting will go viral, creating additional marketing channels, much greater than a traditional MLS listing could ever generate. Another possible benefit would be the possibility of having Irvine real estate professionals seeing the posting and then wanting to join the BanCorp team of professionals. The company is not actively recruiting new Irvine real estate agents, but it has not ruled out bringing on new team-members at the end of 2015. The company believes that the multi-pronged marketing effort which includes the re-introduction of the buyer’s rebate, the new marketing push into internet marketing and social media postings combined with the low interest rates will help the organization reach its goals of increased market share and heightened brand awareness.
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Greg Steinaker