PurePredictive and 4CFunding Partner to Deliver Predictive Analytics to the Financial Services Industry

Sandy, UT, February 20, 2015 --(PR.com)-- PurePredictive, announced today that it has partnered with 4CFunding to integrate its industry-leading machine learning predictive analytics into custom solutions built and designed specifically for the financial services industry.

“The vision and strategy of 4CFunding aligns seamlessly with PurePredictive’s in combining advanced analytics with domain experience in delivering high value, machine learning-based solutions to a specific market segment. In this case, 4CFunding’s knowledge and understanding of banks and lending institutions within the financial services industry will help us energize the distribution of this highly anticipated technology,” said Dr. Karthik Balakrishnan, President of PurePredictive.

4CFunding President, Alan Walbeck, said, “Lending institutions are absolutely ecstatic to incorporate a technology like this into their workflow to provide foresight into applicant delinquencies, prioritizing collection accounts, determining probability of early mortgage pre-payment, and streamlining the overall mechanics of the current manual underwriting process. By exercising PurePredictive’s patented algorithms and customizing data analysis around the needs of the financial services industry, 4CFunding will be able to maintain unprecedented focus and insight in delivering these game-changing solutions.”

PurePredictive’s focus on data analysis, machine learning modeling, and cloud-hosted prediction capabilities are supplemented by a talented group of data scientists, data acquisition specialists, business analysts, software engineers, and solution architects who together produce instantly consumable, extreme predictive analytics solutions.

For more information, please contact:
Mike Tolman (for PurePredictive)
Phone: +1.801.890.5184
Email: mtolman@purepredictive.com

Alan Walbeck (for 4CFunding)
Email: 4cfunding@gmail.com

About PurePredictive, Inc.
PurePredictive transforms businesses into predictive-empowered enterprises. Leveraging patented IP to automate and cloud-scale the discovery of extremely accurate and reliable predictive models, PurePredictive solutions deliver supreme business impact quickly, comprehensively, and affordably. Focusing primarily on businesses that are internally data-science constrained, PurePredictive transcends the current analytics paradigm of connect, collect, and visualize to discover, predict, and act. For more information about PurePredictive, visit www.purepredictive.com.

About 4CFunding, LLC
4CFunding is an advanced analytics company delivering solutions and services to the financial services industry, instantly “super-charging” any organization with the most powerful (yet intimidating) technology that can be acquired over the next decade: machine learning based – predictive analytics. Our formula is simple: We take your data, add our domain knowledge and add PurePredictive’s expertise in delivering data science solutions. For more information about 4CFunding, visit www.4cfunding.com.
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