Corporate Speech Coaching Finds Innovative Way to Lessen Speech Anxiety

Corporate Speech Coaching, an experienced team of speech gurus, has created a unique training program providing techniques to help decrease speech anxiety while increasing one's ability for effective presentation. This group of speech specialists is in the process of developing additional innovative ways and methods to further enable effective communication among everyone.

West Palm Beach, FL, February 20, 2015 --( Corporate Speech Coaching, an expert team with a background in professional speaking, speech coaching, and voice lessons has developed a customized training program allowing clients to meet individual needs and goals. Although corporate speech coaching is a central focus for the company, this innovative program is designed for anyone who wants to become a better speaker.

According to Corporate Speech Coaching, public speaking is a huge concern for the majority of the population.

Lauren Leonard, Team Leader, says, "At least 75% - that's three out of four people suffer from speech anxiety."

Leonard explains how their Corporate Speech Coaching program addresses this issue.

"Personal speech coaches help clients to develop their own natural speaking style, improve speaking in impromptu situations, control the fear of speaking, and develop ongoing self-improvement tactics," says Leonard.

The specifics of this comprehensive training program include working on voice enhancement, flexibility, accent reduction, voice volume and projection, tone quality and speech impediments, as well as other aspects of speech coaching. The length of training varies depending on individual affinity for speech, one's desired level of proficiency, and the level of practice done outside the program. After an introductory lesson, a speech specialist will be able to assess how long it should take a client to reach their "speech goal" - whether their need is for personal reasons or business success.

Leonard says, "Corporations are realizing more and more about the benefits of corporate speech coaching. We offer several services specifically tailored to business needs."

Corporate Speech Coaching will offer their program on-site at any workplace and provide instruction for groups of less than 20 employees. Based on these visits, as well as observations of company ideas and values, speech coaches develop a specific program to suit that particular company.

Besides corporate instruction and regular sessions, One-on-One Training is available upon request for people who feel more comfortable with that option. These tailor-made sessions examine technical components of enhancing the voice as well as work from a physical and psychological perspective to help the individual feel at ease during presentations.

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About Corporate Speech Coaching:
Corporate Speech Coaching, a Palm Beach-based professional team who are trained and experienced in the area of speech improvement, has developed a customized program for people wanting to become better speakers. Whether an individual wants to be able to speak more effectively on a date, in a business setting, or in a professional capacity, the company's personalized approach and flexible program suits every speech-related need and goal. This expert group is playing a huge role in lessening speech anxiety on a broad basis. Corporate Speech Coaching is the 'come to' place for people with a fear of public speaking. Call Corporate Speech Coaching; get a better voice.
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