Cigar Themed Interactive Online Magazine Launches March 1st

Bristol, United Kingdom, February 21, 2015 --( iROBUSTO is a website that features innovative marketing opportunities for cigar companies and a social interactive approach to its visitors and members.

New online magazine,, announced today that it will be delivering new and exciting talking points for the cigar community. The iROBUSTO slogan, “iROBUSTO. Do U?” encapsulates the passion of cigar enthusiasts. Any cigar enthusiast, passionate for cigar enjoyment will understand the slogan’s carefree in your face style. A company representative stated, “It’s not that we are loud and boisterous about cigars, we’re regular folks. We have a love for sharing our cigar experiences with each other, however, if you don’t like what we stand for, that’s your problem.” The site focuses on the popular USA market and plans on bringing more information to UK residents about “New World” cigars.

“The prices on Cuban cigars in the UK are very high…” said site owner, Mark Swanson. “Cuban cigars are great, however, there are awesome cigars coming out of places like Nicaragua and Honduras these days. British cigar enthusiasts should be looking to find less expensive premium cigars and if they’re not, they're missing out on some beautiful cigar experiences.”

The site caters to the USA and UK market already with a growing community on Google+. Members enjoy posting pics of cigars using unique hashtags like, #cigarselfie, #cigarplanking and many others. G+ member, Jason J, expresses, “I’m sure I speak for a good lot of the iROBUSTO community when I express how much we have enjoyed the #cigarbattle.”

The iROBUSTO site plans to have a weekly cigar review on YouTube, columns called, “The 10 Second Kiss” and “#5R4 - 5 Reasons For…” that will rely on member participation to come up with the topics and entertainment in exchange for vouchers and prizes for their favourite cigars.

The staff at iROBUSTO will be working together with its visitors and advertisers in enhancing the site with an eye to improving on the already great experience for G+ members, Twitter followers and fans on other social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
Lucy Ward