Informative New Video Series, On the Record, to be Launched by Printinghouse Press

PrintingHouse Press begins the New Year with the launch of an instructive video series that will answer all of your New York appellate practice questions.

New York, NY, February 21, 2015 --( PrintingHouse Press, the East Coast’s leading appellate services provider, recently announced the launch of its video series, On the Record. This series, derived from its clients’ most frequently asked questions, aims to clarify any misconceptions regarding New York appellate practice.

With these client-generated questions in mind, the Appellate Consultants of PrintingHouse Press, armed with years of experience and knowledge, have created a video series containing valuable insight into the procedures of both New York State and Federal Courts. Each brief video, lasting under 90 seconds in length, answers one specific question, providing a concise straightforward analysis that will prove to be a trusted resource for appellate attorneys. Topics encompassing all manner of appellate procedure will be covered in this extensive series. Be sure to visit every other Tuesday (following the March 2nd launch) to access these bi-monthly video releases.

“This is a unique and revolutionary initiative which the PrintingHouse Press team is providing to its clients and beyond. On the Record will give timely and accurate appellate procedure tips while simultaneously permitting attorneys and law firms to have a personal feel for those with whom they are consulting for their appeals at PrintingHouse Press.” -Eric J. Kuperman, Esq.

About PrintingHouse Press
Since its inception in 1970, PrintingHouse Press has worked diligently to become the East Coast’s leading appellate services provider. Throughout the years, PrintingHouse Press has sustained a highly knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals whose mantra has always been to provide the legal community with unparalleled appellate printing and litigation support. With a shared dedication and cognizance, PrintingHouse Press’ staff of appellate consultants, paralegals and production specialists is renowned for its acute familiarity with the appellate rules and internal operating procedure of all the State Courts, the thirteen Federal Circuit Courts and the United States Supreme Court.

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