Deal With Autism® Launches the First One of Its Kind Autism Online Test Center

Deal With Autism® launches the very first Autism Test Online Web Center, a complete repository of Autism and Asperger’s Test for all age groups.

Walnut, CA, February 23, 2015 --( The global autism community, Deal With Autism®, supports their sole mission to assist people dealing and coping with Autism by introducing the very first Autism Test Online Web Centre. This online test centre is a complete repository of Autism and Asperger’s Test for people of all age groups, from toddlers to adults. These online tests have been designed based on the guidelines established by Autism Research Centre and other professional organizations dealing with autism research.

Autism is a wide-spectrum disorder. No two people with autism will display exactly the same set of symptoms. There are varying combinations of symptoms; some autistic children show mild symptoms while others have more severe ones. It is best when the symptoms of autism are caught early on, during one’s childhood.

Deal With Autism® introduces the first Autism Test for toddlers aged between 2.5 to 5 years. The Autism Test for Toddlers consists of 25 multiple-choice picture-based questions. These questions will point out the early signs of Autism if there are any. The Autism Test for Children – Age Group 5 to 12, consists of 50 multiple-choice questions that revolve around autism symptoms. Parents or guardians can take this test on behalf of the child. Autism Test Online for Adolescent Children, on the other hand, consists of computer adaptive multiple-choice questions that will evaluate autistic trends. Parents can take this online test on behalf of the child or let the child take it independently. There is also a computer adaptive version Online Autism Test for Adults, which aims to identify signs of autism in adults.

Deal With Autism® is a fresh and compassionate approach to understanding this sensitive issue. Experts working behind the scenes are not regular health specialists, but are someone who understands the plight of a common person having trouble in understanding medical jargons like neurobehavioral impairments or spectrum disabilities. They simplify the meaning of autism and help parents understand the exact condition of their child.

About Deal With Autism®
Deal With Autism® is dedicated to the cause of autism. Ideas and measures are suggested to help families cope with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Autism is not a personal situation; it is universal and thus demands attention on a global scale. Deal With Autism® is one of the many steps towards understanding and working with individuals with such conditions. They help parents or family members understand and connect to their loved one who has autism.
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