BanCorp Zeroing in on Newport Beach Real Estate Market as It Re-Launches Popular Buyer’s Rebate Program - Goal is to Heighten Brand Awareness

With the inventory of homes remaining stable, the company believes the time is right for it to release its widely popular buyer’s rebate program into the Newport Beach real estate market. The goal is to shore up more buyer’s representations. Company also plans on stepping up marketing efforts in attempt to increase inventory of Newport Beach homes for sale.

Newport Beach, CA, February 23, 2015 --( With interest rates remaining at near historical lows, the demand for Newport Beach properties remain high. When interest rates are low, it allows buyers to purchase homes with higher market values with comparatively lower payments than if rates were higher. This is intensified in the Newport Beach housing market which is considered a high-end community. The company believes that the demand for these properties will remain constant in the short and long term, and simply can’t ignore this strategic city.

Newport Beach is located along the coast in South Orange County, California. The homes are considered to be some of the most expensive in the state. The predominant style of home is single-family-residence, however you will also find an excellent supply of condominiums, townhomes, and investment properties. BanCorp believes that by stepping up marketing efforts in its internet advertising and social media postings it will be able to increase its inventory of Newport Beach homes for sale, as well as heighten brand awareness in this city which the company believes is crucial for its success. The marketing effort combined with the re-launch of the buyer’s rebate program should project out to a winning combination.

It is estimated that approximately 90% of all home searches begin on the internet. This is one of the main motivating factors that the company sites for wanting to step-up efforts in the Newport Beach real estate market. By reallocating assets towards internet advertising, where the goal is to increase page rankings on the search engines, and by targeted social media postings, where the goal is to focus on individual properties, the company should be able to increase its overall inventory of Newport Beach properties. In its social media postings on the main social media hubs such as Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Facebook, the company hopes that the posts will go viral, creating additional exposure for specific properties.

The company believes that at this time it is important to move away from the older-school traditional marketing methods such as print media and radio advertising and focus all efforts on internet advertising and social media due to the high number of people who search for homes on the internet. Another event that occurs when the emphasis is on the local Newport Beach Realtor, is that through the heightened brand awareness many times these professionals will want to come on board with BanCorp Properties. The company is not currently recruiting new Newport Beach Real Estate Agents, but has not ruled out the option towards the end of 2015.
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Greg Steinaker