OriginalMuranoGlass.com Going to Launch Spring Sale of Authentic Murano Glass Items

For Murano glass lovers, OriginalMuranoGlass.com is going to offer a variety of eye-catching items at amazing prices via its special Spring Sale. All items are authentic and handcrafted by expert glass artists from the island of Murano.

Murano, Italy, February 25, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Located in the northern Italy, the island of Murano is quintessentially famous for its unique glassmaking industry that produces a wide range of stunning glass art items using the traditional Venetian techniques. Countless art and craft lovers from across the world are always on the lookout for authentic Murano glass sculptures, vases, jewellery, plates, chandeliers, table lamps and a host of other objects to enhance their beauty as well as surroundings. However, they often end up purchasing low-quality and duplicate products mass-produced in areas other than Murano.

To address this issue, OriginalMuranoGlass.com was established by a team of expert entrepreneurs belonging to this small Italian island. Built on the concept of “shop & share,” the website is going to launch a Spring Sale that will allow buyers to buy a genuine Murano glass product at an amazingly discounted price over the Internet. This particular sale will encompass items in several categories such as vases, sculptures, plates, jewellery, goblets, photo frames, watches and clocks, tableware and lighting. While shopping at this site, you can have complete information on all products, including high quality images, product size, technique used to make it, name of the glass master, price, etc.

“The brains behind the formation of our website have been directly associated with the Murano glassmaking industry since 1999. The factors that make us stand out from others include our fully transparent service, professional certification of all our creations, fast and safe delivery of products worldwide, and prompt and friendly dealing with our clients. Every object you see in our online shop is handmade locally by renowned glass artists and certified by a team of experts having a wealth of experience in the field. Our Spring Sale offer is a wonderful opportunity for glass art lovers to purchase supreme quality items at never before rates,” says a spokesperson of OriginalMuranoGlass.com.

The specialty of Murano glass lies in its exceptional glassmaking techniques that comprise Chalcedony, Avventurina, Murrine, Sbruffi, fused glass, lampwork, filigrana, cold glass cut, bullicante, sommerso, and so on. According to the website, a buyer must take several things into consideration before buying a Murano glass object. These include verification of craftsmanship, final selling price, certification of origin, signature of the artist on the product, techniques used, and buyer feedback online.

OriginalMuranoGlass.com boasts of prominent glass artists like Alessandro Barbaro, Andrea Tagliapietra, Pino Signoretto and Salvadore to name a few. You can visit http://www.originalmuranoglass.com/ to learn more about this new offer or to estimate and certify your glass good for free.
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