AnaSpec Launches Industry’s First Amino Acid Pre-loaded Hydrazide Resins

Fremont, CA, February 25, 2015 --( AnaSpec is pleased to announce the launch of the first commercially available Amino Acid Pre-loaded Hydrazide Resins.

Native Chemical Ligation (NCL) has been one of the most used bioconjugation methodologies for synthesis of macromolecules. NCL requires a peptide thioester and another peptide moiety containing a free cysteine at the N-terminus. However, peptide thioester synthesis is technically challenging due to its instability. The use of a peptide hydrazide is more recommended.

As a worldwide unique provider of Amino acid pre-loaded hydrazide resins, we offer a series of 38 ready-to-use hydrazide resins carrying one of the 19 natural-L or D isomer amino acids. These resins are perfectly suited for the production of activated peptide thioester via Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS).

These resins may also be used for synthesis of long or difficult peptide using peptide fragment coupling.
AnaSpec, Inc.
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