Christy Ventures Invests in Employee Development and is Set to Add More Jobs

Christy Ventures, a large consortium of privately held companies and assets, makes workplace improvements to benefit employees and commits to expanding the workforce with the addition of new jobs.

Indianapolis, IN, February 26, 2015 --( Christy Ventures continues a collective initiative to assist with the development of employees by providing a progressive work environment and by adding more jobs at the group of companies.

Christy Ventures is a group of diverse companies in the real estate, property management, finance, insurance, media-technologies, and education industries. There are currently over fifty full-time and part-time employees that report to the corporate headquarters located in Greenwood, Indiana.

The initiative was supported by the completion of a newly renovated multi-use space designed specifically for employee leisure and recreational activities. The recently constructed space serves primarily as a lounge that promotes fellowship among workers. The space can easily convert into a private meeting area that is ideal for collaboration with staff members. The multi-use space is also large enough to host employee events, gatherings, and other functions.

“I value my staff of talented individuals and understand the impact they have on the growth of our family of companies and client experiences,” said Derrick Christy, Owner and Founder of Christy Ventures. “Our companies have been intentional by offering personal development opportunities, creating an inspiring office environment, and encouraging healthy lifestyles.”

One of the areas Christy Ventures is assisting team members with is helping employees make healthier food choices by offering free breakfast, fresh organic produce, and healthy snack alternatives available throughout the workday. The remodeled 600 sq. ft. kitchen space also includes a complimentary Starbucks® beverage center, energy-efficient appliances, contemporary furnishings, and a calming décor.

“We completed a relaxing kitchen with green grass and a wall-covering mural of a blue sky with white puffy clouds in order to create an interior green space that employees could utilize,” said Christy. “We will continue our commitment to providing a progressive work environment for our team members and we will also continue focusing on our green energy initiative for employees.”

During the 45 day construction period of the new multi-use space, Christy Ventures also started making preparations to expand its workforce by committing to add new jobs in the first financial quarter of 2015. In doing so, the group created a new website where job seekers can view the current job openings with any of the companies that make up Christy Ventures. The website allows applicants to apply directly to Christy Ventures careers and each application received is reviewed instantly.

About Christy Ventures
Christy Ventures is a large consortium of privately held companies and assets privately owned by Indiana based businessman, Derrick Christy. The group consists of businesses in the real estate, property management, finance, insurance, media-technologies, and education industries. Christy Ventures is a diverse collection of companies conducting business at the local, national, and international level. Christy Ventures is a U.S. based group headquartered in Greenwood, Indiana. For more information please visit
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