BaraLabs Debuts Latest iOS App

Oswego, Illinois-based BaraLabs, has just released their latest iOS app, First Draw. This app is targeted to everyone who needs to quickly write a note or create a simple drawing. Users can draw with one of ten built-in colored pencils or create your own color using the Red/Green/Blue color mixer. Everyone makes mistakes and the app comes with an eraser to easily remove that errant line or word. To celebrate the release, the app will be free for a limited time.

Oswego, IL, March 03, 2015 --( Oswego, Illinois-based BaraLabs has just released their latest iOS app, First Draw. This app is targeted to everyone who needs to quickly write a note, like a shopping list or appointment details, or wants create a simple drawing. Unlike those big, bloated apps that are impossible to learn and offer easily-forgettable features, First Draw was designed from the ground up to be quick and simple.

The app comes with 10 colored pencils that are ready to be used immediately. While those standard pencils will supply most of the colors a user might need, sometimes a special color is called for. Using the included red/blue/green mixer, a user can choose from thousands of custom colors to find the exact one that they're looking for.

Also included in First Draw is the ability to change the opacity of any line drawn. The opacity slider goes from almost invisible to 100 opaque. This allows colors to take on new hues and tints and permits colors to be drawn over other colors. All of these controls are presented in such a clear and simple way that even a child can use the app with ease.

"I needed a way to take a few quick notes and none of the apps I found could start-up quickly and let me just start writing," said BaraLabs owner and developer Frank Bara. He continued, "I created First Draw because I had a need for it. My children and their friends helped me test early versions of the app to make sure it could be used by anyone, anywhere. I haven't seen an app quite like it."

First Draw is available worldwide exclusively on the Apple App Store for free, for a limited time, to celebrate its initial release. BaraLabs also develops the popular scoring app VBall ScoreMaster, also on the App Store. Users of that app can look forward to more new features in the coming weeks, Bara indicated. "My plan is develop new products to help families as well as continue to improve the existing app line."

Device Requirements:
* iPhone and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 8.0 or later
* Size: 4.0 MB
Frank Bara