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Jever, Germany, February 28, 2015 --( MaxStat Software, provider of intuitive statistical software, announced the release of MaxStat Lite. MaxStat Lite is the world’s most modern, full-featured, and free software for data analysis and visualization. In addition to the release of MaxStat Lite, MaxStat Software also announced the availability of MaxStat Pro, which has the same simplicity, but more power in analyzing large data sets.

MaxStat Software’s goal is to support students and young researchers to analyze data without the need to rely on expensive software designed for statisticians. MaxStat Lite brings the intuitive interface and powerful features of its professional version and includes over 50 statistical procedures and basic charts. A single dialog combines three steps for the specification of analysis and practical guidelines, which allows the efficient analysis of data from a single point of control. It covers procedures commonly needed for smaller research projects and theses. For more, the Pro version handles large data sets and includes additional statistical functions, full-featured charting of data and a word-processing module for writing notes and reports.

MaxStat’s mission is to make it fast, easy, and affordable to analyze and visualize data. Trying to analyze data with an old-fashioned and over-complicated software is not fun, especially for students and young researchers with less experience. MaxStat Software products, and specifically MaxStat Lite, give the science community tools to analyze data more efficiently in a fraction of the time it used to take. In the end the researchers have more time for experiments. MaxStat Lite can be downloaded at

About MaxStat Software

MaxStat Software provides tools for scientific data analysis. At MaxStat, we make statistics easy to do, but we also make the results easy to understand. Our solutions address students and young researchers with little experience in statistics. With our products, researchers can complete statistical analysis within minutes, make high-quality graphs and write notes and reports.
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