SnApp Enters Contract to Create Marketing, Recruitment App for Key Realty School

Under a new contract, mobile application developer SnApp is building a customized app that will aid Key Realty School in recruiting and marketing. This project should demonstrate the flexibility of SnApp apps; although the company usually creates mobile apps for real estate agents, its app building platform and products are suitable for professionals in various industries.

Las Vegas, NV, March 02, 2015 --( SnApp, an application developer that produces native mobile applications for real estate agents and other professionals, has recently entered into a contract with adult education institution Key Realty School, under which the company will create a customized app to facilitate marketing and recruiting. SnApp usually specializes in building affordable mobile apps for real estate agents; however, the company’s app building platform can create products for various professionals in addition to apps for real estate agents. This new deal should help demonstrate the capability and versatility that SnApp apps offer. SnApp’s specialty is creating custom mobile apps for individual professionals as well as larger clients. The company’s app building platform allows for a high level of personalization to meet the needs of professionals in any industry, and the associated pricing is reasonable even for single agents. The new contract with Key Realty School should help highlight the flexibility and functionality of the company’s platform and apps. SnApp’s leaders have expressed excitement at this opportunity to partner with a client that has different needs and a distinct business model compared to the professionals that the company has previously worked with.

SnApp has built its reputation producing tailored apps for various professionals in the real estate industry. The company’s mobile applications for real estate agents utilize the same distinctive tools and features that are available in apps for large real estate listing websites, such as Trulia, Redfin and Zillow. The customizable nature of these apps allows agents to add various specialized tools, from mortgage calculators to home listing browsers. The company also has created apps for brokers, employees in corporate offices and other real estate professionals; these apps support a diverse range of tasks, from recruitment to managing interactions with tenants. In addition to enabling real estate professionals to complete routine tasks, SnApp apps help promote easy contact with clients and superior customer service.

The company’s apps provide professionals in real estate and other industries with a high level of functionality at a competitive price. Clients can purchase mobile apps for real estate agents or other professionals with a one-time fee and a regular monthly fee, which covers various ongoing services, including content revisions, layout changes and updates to accommodate the release of new devices or operating systems. SnApp’s unique app building platform reduces production costs by up to 80 percent, and as the company builds more apps and improves overall functionality, more features are becoming available to clients on a complimentary basis or for a reasonable fee. This cost-effective approach ensures that professionals in various industries can afford to keep pace with their competitors.

SnApp is taking on a growing number of projects and contracts, including ones that fall outside the company’s usual specialty of building apps for real estate agents. Every week, the company is publishing new apps to the App Store, and so far, feedback from clients in the real estate industry has been overwhelmingly positive. Ongoing improvements to the company’s apps and available features should only increase capability and client satisfaction.

About SnApp

SnApp builds mobile applications for real estate agents, to enable their clients easy access to MLS listings, and helpful features, such as the ability to save / share listings, send push notifications, and an interactive map search. SnApp also builds mobile apps for other business types.
Aileen Balbino
SnApp builds mobile applications for real estate agents and brokers.