Connecticut Teen Launches for High School and College Students

The First Web Site for High School and College Students Who Want to Earn Money from Their Rooms

Woodstock, CT, November 17, 2007 --( In the current poll at, 19% of the teen participants have indicated that tuition is the number one item they are earning money for. Also high on their “earning for” list are the purchase of an automobile (18%), wardrobe and electronic items (tied at 14% each), and date/socializing funds at 12%.

Laura Durst, the founder of, is a 16-year old honor student from Woodstock, CT who counts herself among the 19% who are saving for college. According to Durst, “Finding a job that doesn't interfere with after school activities, studying, and social activities can be extremely challenging. Throw transportation issues and competition for limited positions into the mix and it can seem almost impossible.”

According to Ms. Durst, she was inspired in large part, by my mother, Christine Durst, who is the founder of the Virtual Assistant industry, and co-author of the bestselling career book The 2-Second Commute. “My mom founded and is the CEO of Staffcentrix – a company that develops and delivers home-based career training programs for the US Department of State and the US Armed Forces, as well as colleges, workforce investment boards, and other organizations,” says Laura, “I grew up in a home where working from home was the norm, and developing an entrepreneurial attitude was as likely as learning to feed or dress myself.”

The consists of resources to help teens generate income from their home including paid survey taking, modeling and event staffing, voice work, writing, selling artwork, blogging and more. Some of the opportunities posted can generate income for teens as young as 13, but many will require a minimum age of 18.

Durst, who is personally screening all companies she lists on the site, says she plans to expand the resources as she has the opportunity to investigate other income sources and post them to the site. “I have some exciting plans for the site, and I think my visitors will find the site enjoyable as well as informative,” she explains.

Laura Durst