HAGA’s Heirloom Survival Seed Bank Orders Spike Up as Spring Draws Near

Incline Village, NV, March 02, 2015 --(PR.com)-- With springtime just a month away, several home gardeners have already begun ordering Home and Garden America’s heirloom survival seed bank in preparation for the new growing season.

For many growers and gardeners, spring is the perfect time to plant a bountiful garden. But in order to obtain a continuous supply of vegetables, one needs a good supply of heirloom survival seeds before anything else. Customers on Amazon.com have found that Home and Garden America's top-selling survival seed bank is the best possible option.

These seeds have the amazing ability of providing any household with the freshest and tastiest organic produce. They can also last for decades if stored properly—thus making them perfect not just for spring gardening but for emergency preparedness as well.

"Excellent variety of organic seeds for growing or storing. We're really thrilled to include these seeds in our garden planning. The product is impressive and we got such awesome varieties. This survival seed bank will surely keep well over time and could be part of any survival kit," one customer commented.

"My order arrived right on time. I'll be growing some of them this spring and will preserve the rest for survival mode. Although I haven't heard about many of the varieties, I will try them simply because they're organic heirlooms. Looking forward to fantastic results," another customer added.

"This is the best survival seed bank yet! I already wrote about this product before, saying that it shipped quickly and contains impressive heirloom varieties. I just had to write a second review because it's such a great product! I would definitely recommend it to everyone, from novice to seasoned gardeners. I have really enjoyed the seeds and can't wait to see my vegetables grow this spring," another Amazon customer said about the survival seeds.

Home and Garden America currently offers two seed products: the 50 Varieties Heirloom Survival Seeds and the 105 Varieties Complete Survival Seeds Pack. Both items can be used for spring vegetable gardening and long-term storage purposes.

More information is available on Amazon.com.

Chuck Harmon writes consumer information material on a wide selection of products, and his expertise in the field of survival gardening is no exception. His heirloom survival seed bank contains rare varieties that will last for decades.
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