California Start-Up Launches “I Am Beautiful” Crowdfunding Campaign to Promote Self-Love

The Skinny Mirror forges a way to promote self-love and empowerment through personal reflection.

Sand City, CA, March 05, 2015 --( This new start-up has come to Kickstarter to help to raise capital to continue their mission to inspire the beauty and untapped potential in each and every one of us. The Skinny mirror offers a subtle slimming reflection (5-10 lbs) that works on the psyche over time. It gives the users the instant visual gratification of a “slimmer you” while educating that how you choose to feel about your self has nothing to do with your actual shape, size or weight.

“My mirror tells me that we are all the same inside, that we are all capable of extraordinary things. You just have to believe it,” says Founder Belinda Jasmine

With a modest goal of $7,500, every person who pledges $5 or more will receive five “I am beautiful” wrist ties to give to their beautiful friends and family. Pledges $185 an up will receive The Skinny Mirror, the 10 Day Exercise (Affirmation) Challenge, and five wrist ties. The Skinny Mirror Strong As Steel model will be available to backers for a limited time for discounted price of $295 ($485) throughout the campaign. The funds obtained on Kickstarter will help the company pay for the final tooling and up-front costs to continue production of The Skinny Mirror.

The Skinny Mirror encourages each person to take the time to invest in yourself and the mindset of our future. You Are Beautiful. #thisisme #iambeautiful

To support this project or learn more visit The Skinny Mirror Kickstarter page here:

About The Company

The Skinny Mirror mission is to inspire each person to see themselves in a more attractive way by combating media ideals with a subtle, yet believable, slimming reflection (5-10 lbs) combined with positive daily affirmation. Seeing ourselves as attractive motivates us to act in a way that is more attractive to the people around us. The Skinny Mirror is successfully inspiring positive self-image in both home and business. For more information, please visit or call (831)275-0677.

Belinda Jasmine, Founder
The Skinny Mirror
Belinda Jasmine