Plant Cell Fusion Releases Results of Grape (Vineyard) & Citrus Grove Field Trials

Plant Cell Fusion (PCF), a plant nutrient/growth booster distributed by DMR Trading Corp., has released test results from recent Vineyard (Grape) and Citrus Grove field trials. The results demonstrate the significant impact PCF has on alleviating nutrient deficiencies in both of these crops.

Vero Beach, FL, March 06, 2015 --( DMR Trading Corp has come up with the results regarding Citrus Grove and Grape (Vineyard) Field Tests. These test results confirm that PCF acts as a micronutrients for plants and has huge impact on boosting plant growth and development. It also offers steady vigor in time of heavy rain, summers and other weather factors.

Speaking to media, a spokesperson from the DMR Trading Corp said, “Yes we have released the field test Grove and Grape to help people understand the benefits of Plant Cell Fusion in much better ways. PCF is an effective plant fertilizer that speeds up growth and improves the plant health as well as the soil conditions.”

According to the sources, PCF was tested on various varieties of grape plants including Kyoho Grape, Alexandria Grape, Kyoho, Beni-Ballade grapes in green house and Campbell grapes where it was applied for two times after bearing. Before PCF application, plants were weaker and uprooted at the end of the season. After application, the plant vigor improved drastically, leaves started being greener and thicker, flower stalk grew in length, tint was consistent and fruits give better taste and had higher Brix level.

Same test was conducted on a group of young citrus trees with PCF application during four weeks. Later it was found that the group where PCF was applied started having lots of new leaves with light green color. On the other hand, second group without application of PCF was found with nutrient deficiency in plants. The result is shown with pictures of these young Citrus trees on the website of the company.

Plant Cell Fusion is an effective amino acid plant nutrient. It has total 19 vital amino acids that are extracted from natural sources having great positive effects on plants and soil. Due to best effects on plants, it has become one of the most popular organic plant nutrients. This plant fertilizer works with 100 percent eco-friendly process and gives faster results.
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Christian Bailey