Brand Marketing Company Releases New Product Called Brand Establisher

Renowned brand marketing company Brand Marketing Zone Ltd. is proud to announce the release of its newest offering: Brand Establisher.

Salaspils, Latvia, March 07, 2015 --( Renowned brand marketing company Brand Marketing Zone Ltd. is proud to announce the release of its newest offering: Brand Establisher. The product is offered in packages and provides businesses the opportunity to secure and establish their brands on the Internet using social media, blogs, and local directory profiles. With this new product, companies can enjoy a more secure path to success.

Too many businesses today make the mistake of focusing too much on the domain name. Unknown to many is that acquiring account names—as well as the URLs for profiles on social media, blogs, and directories—is equally paramount. Without a brand protection strategy, a business faces the threat of online squatting, in which another individual who is neither related to nor recognized by the company has already created an account on social media profiles with the exact name as the legitimate brand. This creates confusion among members of the target market, resulting in decreased website traffic and even sales.

Using the domain name, several profiles will be created on Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and Blogger, each fully optimized and outfitted with the appropriate information. Other services included are unique email account creation, banner design and customization, image sourcing, and profile information population. Accounts in primary local business directories like Google Places, Bing Local, Facebook Places, and Foursquare will also be created. In addition, off-site blog account setups in other social sharing websites, social media platforms, press release sites, and business directories are included in the package.

Brand Marketing Zone is a dedicated online marketing business and PPC agency that aims to help companies and businesses reach their customers more effectively. Unique to the company is its methodology and guiding philosophy composed of six stages: assess, plan, implement, report, measure, and improve.

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