Green Alternative to Petroleum-Based Plastics, SelfEco Launches Plant-based Plasticware

Stillwater, MN, March 11, 2015 --( VistaTek, LLC, a US custom manufacturer, is enthusiastic to introduce SelfEco, LLC, an independent company, manufacturing plastics in the USA made from plant-based materials.

Designed for catering and food service, SelfEco produces affordable caterware, cutlery, and drinkware that is industrial biocompostable.

“Plant-based plastics are important to the future of injection molding and the plastics industry. We are excited to provide this new, sustainable product series,” stated Danny Mishek, SelfEco President and VistaTek Managing Director.

All SelfEco products are made from a biopolymer called polylactic acid (PLA) which performs much like traditional plastics but is not petroleum-based. Using PLA reduces dependence on fossil fuels and minimizes greenhouse gas emissions.

“Featuring our patent-pending hanger design, our plasticware is stackable with cutlery artfully attached to enhance food presentation while minimizing germs and lost utensils,” added Chad Shaffer, SelfEco Product Designer.

SelfEco is debuting this week at the CaterSource Event Solutions Conference and Trade Show in Las Vegas at booth #1447.

“As a third generation manufacturer, we are proud to make these products on US soil to compete with petroleum-based plastics,” affirmed Mishek.

About SelfEco
Respectfully made in the USA, SelfEco provides affordable and versatile caterware, drinkware, and cutlery. Created from third generation manufacturers, SelfEco produces plastics that are earth-friendly and sustainable with the intent to mindfully manufacturer and compost, recycle, and reuse our products.

About VistaTek
Founded in 1996, VistaTek is a second generation, family-owned manufacturing company. Redefining manufacturing, VistaTek offers in-house capabilities including moldmaking, injection molding, and secondary operations.
VistaTek, LLC
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