Tanaza Integrates VK.com with Wi-Fi and Expands to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine

Tanaza, the WiFi cloud management software startup, is expanding its brand to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine; the company announced the integration of its software with VK.com and a new release in Russian language. Strong investments have been made to significantly expand Tanaza’s market share in these countries.

Milan, Italy, March 14, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Tanaza CEO Sebastiano Bertani says: “We are pleased to see Tanaza continue to break new ground both in terms of its rapid global rollout and innovative business model. We are expanding our market share in the WiFi management space and we are proud to be powering the service in so many countries.”

The latest release of Tanaza includes the full integration with the social network VKontakte (VK.COM), a Russian version of the WiFi authentication splash page (also known as captive portal) and a new social dashboard in Russian to analyze VK users. Thanks to this software release, Russian companies are now able to collect VK contacts and personal data from each user of their public WiFi hotspots, and use them for marketing purposes.

The network of Tanaza Authorized Partners is expanding at an exceptional rate in eastern Europe and Russian-speaking countries, and some local distributors are currently engaged in negotiations with Tanaza on non-exclusive trading agreements.

Tanaza brand is no stranger to international development. The brand is well-known in Europe and Asia, and the company plans to expand to other markets during the next few years. "Our aim is to grow our partner network and expand to the Middle East and Latin America."

About Tanaza
Founded in 2010, the Milan-based startup Tanaza developed and brought to market the first and only multi-vendor software for cloud management of WiFi Access Points and social hotspots.

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